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Maluch Mar 09, 2008
Maluch – Fiat 126 (aka Polski Fiat)

You’ll see these small cars everywhere in Poland. They’re great (well, great to look at, I can’t speak for how they drive or ride). Produced between 1972-2000. I'd love to ship a few of these back to the States. :D

From Wikipedia:

"The 126 used much of the same mechanical underpinnings and layout as its predecessor, but with an all new bodyshell closely resembling a scaled-down Fiat 127. Engine capacity gradually increased from 594 cc to 652 cc and than to 704 cc in new "restyling" model Fiat 126 Bis (1987-1991), with 26 bhp of motive power.

"In Italy, the car was produced in the plants of Cassino and Termini Imerese until the 1980s. The car continued however to be manufactured by FSM in Poland, where the 126 was produced from 1973 to 2000 as the Polski Fiat 126p. After the introduction of the 126 Bis (126p with water-cooled engine - Polish own construction), the original model continued to be produced for the Polish market. The car was also produced on license by Zastava in Yugoslavia.

"In 1984, the 126 received a facelift, giving it plastic bumpers (for all versions) and a new dashboard. This model named Fiat 126p FL.

"In 1994, the 126p received its next facelift, and some parts from Fiat Cinquecento, this version named 126 EL. The 126 ELX introduced a catalytic converter.

"Despite clever marketing, the 126 never achieved the frenzied popularity of the 500. The total number of 126 produced is estimated at c. 1,300,000 in Italy, 3,300,000 in Poland and an unknown number in Yugoslavia."
Maluch - Polski Fiat
festerwretch says:
Heh... I was just talking about seeing it everywhere here... I've never had a ride in one, let alone driven one. :)
Posted on: Jun 03, 2008
Aquedita says:
Hahaha, tat made me laugh soooo hard :P
You do know they this is the shitiest car ever, right? We make fun of it in Poland!
Posted on: Jun 03, 2008
frogas says:
i love maluch! :)
Posted on: May 27, 2008
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