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Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and was founded in 1275 while the most southern province of Sweden (Scania - Skåne) was still Swedish (It then belonged to Norway and Denmark for a long time). The population today is about 280 000 people and rapidly growing. After some big problems in the city during the 80s and early 90s the city today is booming, all thanks to the new bridge connection between Sweden and Denmark, one of the worlds longest bridges. Malmö is referred to as the City of Parks since the whole city is filled with different Parks, even the whole beach area is a giant Park.
When visiting the beach, don't forget to do Sauna Swedish style and then jump into the sea (all year around) at the Cold Bath House (Kallbadhuset). After the sauna, visit the new harbour areas of Malmö and have a stroll around an amazing area filled with modern architecture, don't miss Calatravas Turning Torso, the highest residential building in Europe. Spend the evening at the wonderful old fashioned Lilla Torg, filled with restaurants or why not at Möllevångstorget if you are more into the alternative scene.

Malmö also offers a lot of cultural events. The Malmö Festival in August is an annual highpoint of music, dance and other cultural events creating a big citywide party, and with names like Simon Burke and Dolly Parton on the 2008 concert calendar Malmö has also gained its status as a major concert event arena. If you are more into arts and antiques, Malmö satisfies this part of cultural life as well. Come see Malmö!

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