Malioboro Street

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Jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Malioboro Street Yogyakarta Reviews

yuness yuness
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“Cheapest shopping area” May 05, 2013
I had lunch and dinner around Malioboro Street which is the name of one of the three roads in the city of Yogyakarta which stretches from Tugu (Monument) Yogyakarta up to the intersection of Post Office in Yogyakarta, the other two are Prince Mangkubumi Street and General A.Yani Street. These roads are imaginary lines in the direction to the Sultan’s Palace. There are several historical objects in the three-ways, these include Tugu Yogyakarta, Tugu Station, Agung House, Bringharjo Market and fort.

Malioboro Street is very popular with the street vendors who peddle crafts, souvenirs, art and paintings, also it is a gathering place for artists who often express their abilities in playing music, happening art and mime, at night there are many food stalls known as the Lesehan culture...where you sit outside on mats at your tables to eat.

Malioboro street has established a local gathering place over many centuries for the community to meet, trade, eat and be entertained. Of the first to exist were merchant traders they take up most of the street’s bigger spaces so that such as the cultural and artist communities only get a narrow space, all of this create an exotic atmosphere, here today provides various kinds of souvenirs of Jogja, ranging from local handicrafts such as batik, rattan ornament, leather puppets, bamboo crafts (key chains, decorative lamps, etc.) also blangkon (hat typical Java / Yogyakarta) and silver goods, to vendors selling knick knacks generally found in many other trading places. The sights, sounds and smells...make for a tourist haven.

When you are satisfied with Malioboro’s traders, markets and artists and you become hungry with the culinary air, then why not try a menu of fried pigeon, pecel (vegetables with peanut sauce) catfish, sea food and also Padang cuisines and many other varieties of local specialties. Crowdes gather at Malioboro street in the early morning, the shopping centre close at 9pm but the street vendors are still vibrant all night and street buskers will entertain you with hit songs or song memories.
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yuness says:
@Cicie,Yes jenk...I think so also...must take IAN here in June Hehehe
Posted on: Jan 07, 2014
yuness says:
@Jim,Thank you..for taking the time to read...glad you like :)
Posted on: Jan 07, 2014
yuness says:
@Hasan,thank you very much :)
Posted on: Jan 07, 2014
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stellaalexis stellaal…
17 reviews
Cheap price Jun 26, 2011
Malioboro Street is a very famous street in jogja ...

It isnt a normal street ...

Its representing Jogja ...

You can find cheap T-shirt or cheap foods ...

All you can find in Malioboro Street ...

I bought a classic guitar for only Rp.148.000 or only $14.80 included the case ...

I also bought a batik bag for only Rp.25.000 or $2.50

They also sell jogja T-Shirt for Rp.15.000 or $1.50 ...

Its a shopping paradise if you can bargain ...

Enjoy Malioboro Street !
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rintjez rintjez
33 reviews
Malioboro Street Jun 02, 2008
Malioboro Street is known as the longest market in Yogyakarta because it takes 2 kilometers from one end to the other end. It basically a place to sell JUNKS :) But we’re talking about beautiful and inexpensive junk like all the traditional Javanese artworks, clothes, accessories, sandals, etc.

Malioboro is the centre of tourist district in Yogyakarta. There are some modern and colonial-age buildings around the area.Along the street is packed with small sidewalks shops. Test your bargaining skills in this place :)

When you take a walk in this place, you will see the surrounding full of traditional transportation which you may be appealed to try. The well known one is BECAK, a three wheel pedal powered bicycle cart. There is also a romantic lovely horse carriage which we call DOKAR.

Many hotels and restaurants are located in this place. Night time is normally full of open-air street side restaurants which are locally known as LESEHAN. They sell traditional food called GUDED – a young jackfruit mix with palm/brown sugar. Very tasty and delicious :)
Blangkon - Javanese hat
pierre86 says:
Posted on: Jul 27, 2012
sita_11 says:
Always enjoy reading your blog rin :))
Posted on: Aug 20, 2009
mypictures4u says:
It was great there. I especially liked the afternoons when th locals showed up to have a short meal at one of the many snack bars and mini-resturants. Real life!
Posted on: Jun 25, 2008

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