Malinta Tunnel

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Malinta Tunnel, Corregidor Island, Philippines

Malinta Tunnel Corregidor Island Reviews

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Corregidor Island - The Rock Jan 22, 2017


To facilitate passage and to create a bombproof structure, the Americans drove a shaft from a rock quarry at Bottomside, directly through the Hill, creating the MALINTA TUNNEL. Construction of the Tunnel took about 10 years ( 1922 to 1932 ).

The Tunnel is 835 feet long, 24 feet wide and 18 feet high. Branching from it are 13 laterals on its north side and 11 laterals on its south side.

The main Tunnel is reinforced with concrete walls, a concrete floor and overhead arches.

General Mac Arthur set up headquarters inside the tunnel, where men and women would live and work during the siege of Corregidor.

Today, Malinta Tunnel offers visitors the "Light and Sound " Show, which we did (150 pesos) and which is a re-enactment of World War II's dramatic events. Each "Lateral" contained visual effects depicting various stages of the war, along with sound effects and recorded voices.

Sunday January 9, 2012

An Island in the entrance of Manila Bay and because of its strategic location, CORREGIDOR ISLAND served as a focal point for the Naval defenses of the Philippine capital City, Manila.

The Island is about 48 kms west of Manila, is shaped like a tadpole and has a land area of 9 sq. kms. Because of its rocky landscape and the fortifications of Fort Mills, Corregidor Island is also known as "The RocK". Its bulbous head, called the Topside, was the nerve center of the Island during WWII. Here were located the headquarters, barracks, Officers' quarters and the bulk of the Batteries.

The Bottomside (Lower part of the island) is where the Malinta Tunnel can be found. The Malinta Tunnel is now home to "Light and Sound" presentation.

Hans and I, together with VT Members i-s-a and Planxty (Fergy). did a Sun Cruises Tour of Corregidor Island.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank i-s-a for arranging this wonderful tour and Hans and I really enjoyed your company and friendship.
Malinta Tunnel
Isa in front of Malinta Tunnel
Map of Corregidor Island
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Malinta Tunnel Jul 19, 2008
When you visit Corregidor the tour will take you around the island and on a day tour most sights will be included on your tour. But one sight will not be included the Malinta Tunnel complex and the sound and light show.

Hence you basically got two options - you can forget about the sound and light shown and stay on the tour bus which will then drive you around the tunnel and meet the rest of the group on the other side. Or you can go on the tour and see the sound and light shown. Keep in mind there is no air condition on the open trolley buses which make the prospect of sitting outside a lot less appealing hence you may consider forking over the 150 peso to go inside the tunnel.

I went on the tour in the tunnel where the sound and light show will take you through the different faces of the battle of Corregidor and a bit of the life of the island. The tunnel served as the headquarter of Douglas MacArthur during the battle of Corregidor until he had to leave the island. And next to the tunnels entrance Manuel Quezon were sworn in as the president of the Philippines.

The tunnel also served as the last hide out for the Japanese troops during the reconquest of Corregidor during the later stages of World War II.
The tunnel
Offices reconstructed like they mi…

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Corregidor Island
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