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Although these series of islands have been dealt a harsh blow in the 21st century, from the deterioration of the coral reefs at the hands of El Nino to the tragic tsunami of 2004 which decimated much of the coastline around the islands, Maldives is nevertheless one of the most definitive luxury destinations the entire planet when it comes to experiencing the ultimate in island living.

Made up of nearly 1,200 coral islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives themselves are made up of 26 atolls, or ring-like coral formations that are literally hundreds of kilometers wide which have broken down over the years into a plethora of islands. The reefs themselves were originally based around the edges of massive pre-historic volcanoes which have long since sunk beneath the surface of the sea, leaving behind a series of structures which created some of the most beautiful coral scenery on the planet.

If coming here to experience some of the warmest waters on the planet, some of the best diving conditions, the most amazing underwater scenery, and blissful lifestyle of pure relaxation, then you've come to the right place. However, if you are here to experience a Caribbean-style vacation, you might want to set your sights elsewhere. The islands are made up almost entirely Sunni Muslims, which means that pork, alcohol, pornography, and public observance of non-Muslim religions are all strictly prohibited. The former three will be confiscated at the airport if you happen to be traveling with such, and if you are a religious individual you'll have to make arrangements for private observance in your hotel room or otherwise if you happen to be non-Muslim.

Maldives is fairly expensive, although it is accessible to all levels of travelers. However, deep pockets are required if you want the full experience. Transportation between the islands is done by either boat, sea plane, or private yachts, although the latter is reserved almost entirely to tourists.

Male #1 most popular location
Male is the capital of the Republic of Maldives which is about 1.77 sq. kilometers, 10 mins. away from Male International Airport by dhoni (traditional boat).I was told that there are 80,000 …
166travelers 20reviews 26blogs
North Malé Atoll #2 most popular location
South Male Atoll #3 most popular location
3reviews 4blogs
Baa Atoll #4 most popular location
1travelers 5reviews
Northern Ari Atoll #5 most popular location
Southern Ari Atoll #6 most popular location
Hulhulé #7 most popular location
Maafushi #8 most popular location
1travelers 3reviews 3blogs
Lhaviyani Atoll #9 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Ari Atoll #10 most popular location
Located at the western portion of Maldives, the Ari Atoll is one of the largest atolls in the country and is subsequently divided into North Ari Atoll and South Ari Atoll. A number of touris…
Noonu Atoll #11 most popular location
North Male Atoll #12 most popular location
The Maldives is made up of many atolls (groups of islands) and the North Male Atoll is part of the larger Kaafu Atoll, and is home to the country's capital, Male, although the administrative …
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Haa Alif Atoll #13 most popular location
Hulhumale #14 most popular location
3travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Raa Atoll #15 most popular location
Dhaalu Atoll #16 most popular location
Kuramathi island #17 most popular location
1travelers 1blogs
Naifaru #18 most popular location
Eriyadu #19 most popular location
Veligand #20 most popular location
Mamanghilia #21 most popular location
North Ari Atoll #22 most popular location
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Omadhoo Thila #23 most popular location
Embudhoo Kandu #24 most popular location