Majestic View Steakhouse and Saloon

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2400 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT, USA

Majestic View Steakhouse and Saloon Springdale Reviews

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A Majestic Steakhouse bounded on all sides by a Majestic View... Oct 18, 2008
By the time my crew rolled back to the Lodge the sky had not yet rolled back her blue eyes although her sparkles and rays had become soft and pale on the western landscape. The colors of the trees and plants in front still shone in the evening as brilliantly as they had when we'd arrived in the morning. Their weary leaves slowly laying to rest for the night. The closing of the day turning down. We immediately head inside...the scent of steak is strong on the wind and the pack is tired and hungry. We bust in, past the swinging doors of the Saloon and get situated at a long table away from the center of the room. Tonight, we gorge!! I guess they wanted to keep the feeding frenzy away from the rest of the animals, lest they make a break for it hahahaah!!

I cant believe that i didnt grab more pictures of the steakhouse at the lodge. The lobby is filled with "locals" to greet us at the door, and at every step within. Mountain lions & bears, antlers and beaded indian headdresses. A sylvan fountain springs life inside the center of the steakhouse. The wall hangings, paraphenalia and waterfall fountain give just the proper atmosphere for a lodge steakhouse. The gigantic bay windows pan across the length of the restaurant, offering a spectacular view for dining of the majestic view outside. I would say that all in all, the decor and atmosphere of the restaurant far exceed the abilities of the kitchen. Everyone seemed to rate the food quite highly, but i am quite critical of a "steakhouse" and of steaks hahaha. Since the house would not cook my steak "to order" i decided to avoid a scene and opted for the Full Rack of Ribs. But not without first starting with Crabcakes. I know, i can someone so critical of steaks so easily order crabcakes in a landlocked state hahahaha?!?! Meh...that adventurous feeling took over i guess. I know what to expect from a mediocre steakhouse, but one never knows what to expect from crabcakes in Utah hahahaha!!!

The first summoning was an Artichoke Heart & Crostini platter, stocked quite liberally with a mound of artichokes in oil flanked on all sides by a circle of crostini. The artichoke hearts are nothing to write home about, but the do not disappoint either, they are what they are. The crostini though, im still having a hard time figuring them out. They are only brushed and seasoned on the top side, the bottom side is still raw unadulterated baguette. The bread has been in an oven, but not for long enough, leaving the bottoms soft and fluffy, quite an eclectic mix of textures. They are not crispy or crunchy on top, which they ought to be, but they are not soggy on the bottoms either, but they feel that way. Still, once you put all components together and stuff it into your mouth, you quietly come to the conclusion after a long day of dusty trails and the middle american sun: Makes mouth happy!

The Crabcakes, i do believe, are the pinnacle of my dining experiance here at the Majestic View. The Lodge itself, delivered above and beyond my expectations of both accommodations, and the view. These crabcakes in the same fashion delivered above and beyond my expectations...which were low to begin with hahaha, i was not expecting much. Now these are not light and fluffy crabcakes, they do not have giant nuggets of crabmeat, nor a regal mix of rough herbal textures, but the breading on the outsides are extremely savoury...makes mouth water. They give a deep and intense treat to your nose before and after cutting into them, releasing golden deep fried goodness.

My Full Rank of Ribs was actually quite good. I hammer off some ribs to share with my boisterous brethren and then proceed to rub the BBQ sauce all over my face, spreading behind the ears and then across my neck and throat...once done the only thing left on my plate were bones hahaha!! The waitress told me that she believe the ribs to be beef ribs, but they turned out to be piggie ribs...which actually works out better in my favor. The meat does not slide off the bone, so i know they didnt bother preboiling the meat, which is a nice change of pace...gave BiG something to do: gnawing on bones hahaha ^^. The sauce is not too sweet..medium bodied in consistency. No chunky bits of grilled onions. My teeth had meat stuck between the gaps, which liberal brushing did not seem to free up hahaha...!! The green beans and baby carrots were a bit overdone, no crisp or give left in their tired fibres, but made for ease of chewing ^^

I did get a taste of the steak, and it wasnt too bad. The nubs of fat on the ends of the steaks looked delicious. No marinade so probably dry rubbed...the salt brings out the natural flavor of the steak, and the crisscross grill marks patterns on the surface still had deep and bloody streaks and patches of uncharred meat in the diamonds. Woulda been perfect charred and raw hahaha!!

At the end, we ended up splitting a brownie decked out with scoops and scoops of ice cream, drizzled with chocolate. No one would own up to the torrentuous dessert so everyone took turns taking swings with their spoons. A flash of silver, and another nibble taken, but it never seemed to loose shape of volumn...the never ending brownie delight ^^. By the time i got done with my ribs, there was still a lot left, but like most of the table i was only able to take a few jabs here and there before folding in the clinch. A few mouthfuls was really more than adaquate by that point. Our stomachs full, our eyelids heavy with meat & ice cream, slowly made our way back to our rooms, the air singing the serenades of the cool desert night.
The facade of the Majestic View Lo…
Artichoke Hearts & Crostini Appeti…
Crabcakes Appetizer.
Full Rack of Ribs.
sincitytraveler says:
Excellent review BiG! I felt like I relived our experience and I thought you were very fair with the review of the food. I will agree I've been to better steakhouses but for a little place in the middle of nowhere it does pretty good :)
Posted on: Nov 02, 2008
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Where's The Beef? Oct 18, 2008
It's in my belly...hahahaha!

The Majestic View Steakhouse and Saloon IS what it IS! The Majestic View Steakhouse and Saloon is the on-site restaurant for the Majestic View Lodge, just a stones throw way from Zion National Park.

To get to the restaurant, you first walk past the Saloon...complete with wooden swinging doors, a well-stocked bar, and a microbrewery.

As you walk past the hostess desk, you walk through a corridor decorated with several taxidermy displays of bears. Past this is a lovely restaurant with hunters lodge (deer antler light fixtures) and American Southwest (Indian headdress) decor.

Our party of seven was seated at a rustic wooden table right next to the windows. We had an awesome view of the rugged sandstone peaks of Zion!

The garlic butter served with the bread basket is tasty!

For our 1st appetizer, we had sauteed artichokes served with toasted garlic bread. The serving size was huge. The artichokes were really yummy with garlic and olive oil and the sauce was soaked up by the garlic bread.

The second appetizer was crab cakes. The portions were substantial and came with two dipping sauces...a red sauce and a white sauce. The crab cakes were crispy on the outside and moist on the inside and very tasty.

Since we have been dreaming of a juicy, tender steak, most of us ordered the 14oz. rib-eye steak with the standard fixings...potato or rice and sauteed vegetables. I ordered my rib-eye just barely medium rare and it was cooked perfectly with lovely diamond grill marks. The veggies (carrots and green beans) were really good and fresh...not that frozen crap some establishments put on your plate...because they still had a crispness to them.

For desert,we shared the brownie a la mode. Just a few bites of it definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.

The service was good. The only time they stumbled was when we were ready to settle the bill. Luckily, Nancy found out that lodge guests get a discount...woo hoo for saving some $$$. Since we were a large group, their computer system could only charge 3 cards...weird I know but luckily we had enough cash and credit to cover so we wouldn't have to dine and dash...hahaha!

Overall, the food was good because I left stuffed and no longer hungry.

I would definitely eat at Majestic View Steakhouse and Saloon again the next time I go to Zion National Park.
A toast for a the great day we jus…
Sauteed artichoke hearts on garlic…
14oz. rib-eye steak with baby carr…
Brownie a la mode
sincitytraveler says:
Nice review Tracy! Ahhh I wish I had some of the artichoke dip now...I'm starving!
Posted on: Oct 29, 2008

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