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Bagan, Myanmar

Magical Bagan Reviews

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Before the trip, there pretty much things happened to me, seemed not able to conduct this trip. Sometimes I have think of should book the tour. But due to limited budgets, so I decided to self-advocacy. Finally, fortunately, everything were all ok. Because now, when I already back home, still ecstatic feeling with the Malaysia country are beautiful and full of strange, so I decided to write this post to share experiences, every detail of the journey for everyone in order if anyone excitement want to go there can be somewhat understand.

My backpacking trip in Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur (KL) – Batu Caves – Cameron Highlands – KL – Putrajaya. Map of tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur:



Airplane landing at the KLIA2 airport far away about 50 km from center of Kuala Lumpur. In order into center of city, you can use the Shuttle bus or metro. According to my opinion, you should use the Shuttle bus because this vehicle not only quite convenient but also cheap (10 RM / ticket of bus compared to 35 RM / metro tickets into town).

After done the custom procedures and take baggage, you go followed guide out the lobby zone (go down 1st floor, noted that from the plane’s gate to entry zone, you have to walk a very long way). In this lobby you will easily see the ticket counters sell bus tickets into the city, just buy ticket and get on the bus. This transit bus operate almost constantly throughout the day (even in the night because there are many night flights) density of 30 ‘/ trip. KLIA2 airport very wide so you can easily find the right place to rest if has night flights. The last point of bus route is KL Sentral, you go up the stairs to enter the commercial center and take metro to go other places within this area.


Commuting within the city center is quite simple, you can use the metro or bus, taxi. Taxis have 3 colors to differentiate, blue just for vip, red and yellow are common vehicles. You should determine distance you want to arrive in order be able to bargain as well as avoid the situation of taxi driver deliberately brought you wandered around in order extra charge.

If you move by the metro is more simply, especially for those who had ever used metro in Singapore or Thailand. Tickets prices of metro in Malaysia very cheap, not expensive as Singapore so you can free to choose anywhere to go. First you come to the automatical ticket counter, select station want to go and put money into the machine, then the machine will return you a plastic round piece of the size of a coin, you use it to put into the machine at the gate of station and take it when out of station. If you are not familiar with the metro system here, you should use the map of city (there are a lot in the airport) or save on a smartphone. You always define that the center only 2 station KL Sentral and KLCC (there is the Twin Tower) so from there you can go anywhere.

After finishing breakfast, I had catch taxi to go Medaka Square costs 20 RM. This square located next to Masjid station, I had goes through previous days without realized. I was very fortunate to come here at the time they begin flag-rising ceremony with music, trumpets and the drums jubilantly. I heard that this was the world’s tallest flagpole. From the main square looking over the main road is a chain of museums very long including the Silk Museum which no entrance fee. I had decided coming to KL City Gallery has logo I Love Kuala Lumpur, then arrived orchid gardens nearby.

Next morning we taken a taxi to the airport, on the way I visited Putrajaya. This is one very great works of Malaysian people, which is considered the administrative capital of the Federation of Malaysia. They call the Putrajaya is Resort city, not here there are many resorts but it is the only city in the world built according to the standard Resort. Housing only accounts a small area, the rest around are administrative areas, lakes, trees. In order into here, everyone must wear a pink robe. I visited here about 2 hours and then continue to go to the airport to return to Hanoi, ends the trip full of emotion and joy.
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Aug 10, 2007
Our bus ride to Bagan was at 3pm, a 16hr journey costing $15US. We were seated across from 2 english chaps. The road is shocking and the bus driver is not much better, its pointless trying to sleep as the jostling got worse the further we got out of Yangon. At 4am in the morning, the bus broke down. Something had gone wrong with the gear box & I confirmed it with the driver and his little team of workers, when I said gear box? And he confirmed with a nod. I gave them 30mins to see if they could fix it and noticed that the driver and his bettle nut intoxicated team consisting of the ticket collector and the all important role of screaming over a loud hailer "All Aboard" or something like that in Burmese, job. These guys were slowly dismantling the gear box and didn't have a clue as to what they were doing. So I suggested to Sara, Ben and Tom that we needed to flag down the next vehicle and negotiate a rate to get us the remaining 4 hrs to Bagan, as I didn't think this bus was going to be fixed at all. The first car that came along was the typical ute taxi, which became our own personalized taxi, that didn't stop for anyone except the policemans daughter who was standing on the side of the road with her uniformed dad. I sat on the roof of the taxi with the young guy that collects the money. He was very smiley and happy (probably because he was slightly high from the bettle nut they chew so often, its a mild narcotic), we tried to talk with each other, but failed, though hand signals worked well and he pointed at the top of the palm trees where thick bunches of palm coconuts hung and with his hand he motioned drinking, and his big wide grin made me think this is no ordinary drink, I nodded my head in agreement, whereby he yelled for the driver to pull-over at the next house. He dashed into a thatched hut with me in tow, spoke to the owner of the house, grabbed a plastic cup and dunked it into a clay pot. Fermented palm juice mmmmmmm nodding my head with approval to the house holder & his family….though only a low alcohol content, it needed more work in being something palatable. We drove through small towns & villages, the roads were hard work, as was the taxi with its metal and wooden benches and roof, and yet we stirred a lot of interest with the locals as everyone was waving as we drove by…it was so much fun….much more fun than the boring bus. The smiles and waves were endless :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :). The driver stopped the taxi at one point to refresh their depleting stash of bettle nut and I watched as they hand made them. I enquired how much and my young friend bought me a bag of 4, banged his chest, "on the house" he said in sign language.

We finally arrived in Bagan after 27hrs of being awake, 18 of those traveling from Yangon to Bagan. We got dropped off at the hotel Kopwint recommended, and they gave us the room rates, $15, $20, $25 US per night, though they regretted to informed us that there were no more $15 & $20 rooms (it is the off season and we beat the bus to Bagan). We told them we could only afford $15 or we go elsewhere, which they quickly said we have rooms for you at $15. Bagan is a magical place & must be seen. The people of this area during the 11 th century onwards have built pagodas for Buddha and there must be thousands of them. It's a popular place and the people in this area are fantastic, gentle, friendly, and respectful, as experienced elsewhere in Burma. Since we were all so wiped out, Ben & Tom rented a horse and buggy and took off to explore some of the archeological wonders. Sarah and I jumped aboard a taxi cycle getting chauffeur biked slowly to various pagodas, finally all meeting up at one of the largest pagodas you can climb to watch the sunset. We were all keen to watch a sunrise, but couldn't muster the energy for a 5am wake up to climb onto our rented bikes.

A quick 1hr flight back to Yangon was what we needed, as time was running short for me.
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