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nwintarti nwintarti
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Nov 08, 2007
When i first arrived in Vietnam, i was actually wondering how come a country which was just being independence or free from a war recently, managed to have lots of attention from abroad. And the reason I'm questioning it was becaused I would love to have my country as much visitor as what they have here.

There are several reasons comes to my mind, but one of the thing is how the Vietnamese are very nice to strangers, the way they looking at tourist is something as a source to their living vein. One of the thing I liked about the cities, is how the government provides so many information for you to go around. Even, the backpacker area in most of the cities always has everything you need to know, kind of a one stop shopping for visitors.

If you are in Vietnam, please stop by any of these tourist information place, or restaurants or hotels or bars, even if you didn't plan to talk to or to do business with any of them. The reason is because they always have these free magazines (monthly magazines), subsidized by the cultural and education department of Vietnam. Among the magazines, there are "The Guide", "Asian Life", "Guidebook", "The Sketch", and many others spesific to the city publishing them. These free magazines are available for free in any of the places I mentioned, you can take them and from them you can see many information on the best restaurants, review on bars, review on hotels, map of main cities in Vietnam (usually only HCMC and Hanoi) and some travelling tips plus stories. There's also one magazine called "3D" listing all the restaurants's menu,and just by dialing one number, you basically can order anything from any restaurants to have it delivered to your place.

The magazines are available in several languages, but limited to English, Japanese, French, Korean and Russian. The sketch is for example in Japanese. The one in Russian and Korean, I don't really know the name because they wrote the name of the magazines in character I couldn't read nor write.

I got it for free every month from the receptionist of the apartment, and if i'd like to have information from different magazines, usually i just go to bars and i can take it from there. Some magazines even has a number for you to call, and they will deliver a free copy to you. The number is different in each cities, and among those I only know one number which is to get a free copy of 3D (the food delivery magazines hehehehe...sorry...i really am a lazy brat) in Ho Chi Minh City. The number is +84(0)8 9142 142

Have a nice visit to Vietnam!!!!!
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