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Madidi National Park Overview

The Madidi Park is a protected area, covers an area of 19,000 km2 and is named after the major river that runs through it is the Madidi. It lies in the northwestern department of La Paz, is composed of 2 parts. North Park presents itself, which is "untouchable" (you can not build roads and there can be no human settlements) and south presents the Integrated Management Natural Area, where there are human settlements or communities The Madidi Park is one of the most important protected areas of ecological and biogeographic the planet, because it has a huge wealth of ecosystems and species of flora and fauna.
According to the National Geographic, in a special edition, has catalogued the Madidi National Park as one of the 20 most important tourist destinations in the world. The publication highlights the tourist sites that will be key destinations for travelers in the coming years, considering the profile of the new traveller who seeks to know now living cultures and civilizations explore past.
In the Protected Area living some 6,000 species of higher plants (timber trees,lianas,medicinal plants, etc..),733 species of animals (jaguars, monkeys, bears, fish, etc..)of which 620 are birds (parrots, parrots , sereres, etc..).
Until San Buenaventura and its neighboring Rurrenabaque, arrive annually tourists looking for new experiences, but especially the majestic protected areas of Madidi National Park.