Machu Pichu

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Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Pichu Machu Picchu Reviews

jpeter jpeter
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The unique place in the world! Feb 04, 2016
Machu Picchu is the most famous place in Peru, but I sincerely didn`t expect it to be so incredible. I was prepared for the crowds of tourists and for the ancient ruins, but the nature around is so amazing that the mysterious archaeological sight becomes only the part of fantastic reality around. Machu Picchu is situated on the top of the mountain, but everywhere around you can see the same mountains and wherever you go you see the abyss and another mountain. We spent the whole day wondering around the site and admiring being on the top of ancient Inca world.
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mary-0456 mary-0456
2 reviews
Gap Adventures Nov 10, 2012
It's the best experience and memorable adventure I've ever had. I have to surpass this so I can have another amazing vacation/travel of a lifetime.

The people in GAP were awesome. They have all the crews and staff taking care of you in the wilderness. I wouldn't call it wilderness as we have tents and people who carry our tents and chefs. I was completely vegetarian that time so I lost so much weight. But the quinoa kept me alive. Everything made of quinoa. I loved it.

I definitely recommend the Gap Adventures if you have money to spend rather than worrying about getting to Machu Picchu safely.
On top of Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu stairs
Door of Machu Picchu
Immers Immers
3 reviews
What a site, and what an energy May 12, 2011
ever since I saw the travel photos of my godparents I wanted to go to Peru and specially to Machu Picchu (I was 4 at the time). And it didn't let me down. The energy that hung around this place was phenomenal. Although it's quiet a tourist attraction, and some of them don't have real respect for the place.

What made it super special was the 3 day hike, the Inca trail. Watching the sunrise from a distance, the clouds rising up from down below. I´d say you Have to go there.

When you go back you can go by train, it´s realy, realy packed but it´s kind of fun to ride.
steelbucks steelbuc…
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Get a guide in Machu Pichu Mar 24, 2011
A guide is well worth the money in Machu Pichu. They can give you so much history you will not find on your own and they are relatively inexpensive.
travelingforlife travelin…
19 reviews
MACHU PICCHU! .... The lost city of stone... Jan 12, 2010
Going to Machu Picchu was always a dream that i had as a kid ever since i saw pictures of this magnificent lost city when i was a child. Here at one of the high points you literally feel like you are on top of the world! Not everyone gets to see a wonder of the World...It is hard to get a clear day at Manchu Pichu because of the Altitude and the cloud cover in the mountains.

It is possible to take the hiking trail or the bus. It is more fun personality to take the trail in the pouring rain at the wee hours in the morning in complete darkness with only flashlights to guide the way.

Its always good to get in line early as it will be hundreds of feet long before they even open the gate. Many tour guides are available to show you around and explain the history of the ancient city. This city was built entirely of stone. It was built on a steep mountainside so the designers decided to build terraces. Terraces basically look like Giant steps built out of stone and earth. That way it is easier to get around and grow gardens.

If you want to take a hike to a nearby mountaintop of an extra hour it is possible to hike "Whynapichu". On a clear day it is well worth it with an beautiful panaramic view of manchu pichu and the sorounding mountains.

There are different buildings for different purposes including a Sun temple built in honor for the Gods. That was very interesting. If it is going to be raining for part of the day when your there be sure to bring an Alpaca sweater instead of cotton. Alpaca's oily wool sheds water and keeps you warm for hours. Most Commonly poeple wear cotton and do not realize the danger here. When cotton gets wet it absorbs moisture or heat from anything to dry. In this case your skin and your body Leaving you cold. So do not forget water, snack and an alpaca hat as well for protection.

Happy Travels! Looking forward to hearing your comments and or add me as a friend to send me a message with any questions. Thanks for reading : ) ~Travelingforlife
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city of stone
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jan1985 jan1985
2 reviews
Short visit. Expensive but impressive Nov 02, 2010
I made an unscheduled trip to Machu Picchu last year. Did not book anything upfront.

I flew in from Lima to Cuzco and booked my train/entrance ticket to Machu Picchu in one of the travel shops on the central square. (make sure to try some different shops because the prices tend to varry a lot.)

The girl i travelled with got a bit sick that evening. She was a bit to active during our time in Cuzco and the altitude got to her.

At 3am a cab picked us up from our hotel. 1hr cab drive followed by 1 hour in a train.

At the site itself i was surprised by a lot of things.

The entrance building, restrooms, souvenier shops and restaurant are all located off site. It is only a short distance but they are not visible from the site.

The site itself is left pretty untoutched. No fences, signs or new build paths. It all feels really authentic.

Eventhough the trains where all sold out it was never really crowded at the site. As soon as we wandered off the route followed by the guided tours we where pretty much alone.

All combined we really had the feeling of being in an ancient town not a massive tourist attractions.

The site itself is rather small. you've seen it all in 2-3 hours but is is amazing to lie in the gras for an hour in one of the quit streets and just enjoy the amazing vieuws all around you.

After the visit we went back to Cuzco. Our taxi driver did not show up but there where a lot of cheap taxi's available at the trainstation. We spend another night in Cuzco and flew back to Lima the next morning.

The price for the trip was in total 800 usd. Including plane, train and entrance tickets, 2 night in a hotel and all the food and drinks.

I am sure that you can do this a lot cheaper if you book everything in advance.
d2amy d2amy
178 reviews
Nothing but AMAZING Apr 27, 2010
No matter where you go, what you do, what you see in South America, you can’t miss out on Machu Pichu, but why would you? It’s got everything you need to make you fall in love. A perfect landscape, the epic climb(or bus ride) up the mountain to see it, and the journey to the tiny town of Aguas Calientes isn’t exactly a breeze – train or walking only. But no matter why you decided to come see this wonderful attraction you will not be disappointed.

When you stand up on the classical viewpoint over the ancient city, the only thing that is capable of coming out of your mouth is “wow”. In my list of things to do before I die, this was a close number two, following Angkor Wat, but after visiting both places, I think it’s safe to say Machu Pichu takes my number one …awesome, in life.
deetee921 deetee921
2 reviews
Machu Picchu! Apr 24, 2010
Expensive because it's like a four hour train ride and then a bus and then entrance, and the if you want a guide, but soooooooo worth it! They say Machu Picchu never disappoints and it it's true! It's amazing to walk around there and see the spectacular views, and listen to its history! We booked it as a package deal with an agent in Cusco, so all our tickets and even a guide there was included. (Student discount too with an ISIC card :] ) Next time I would like to take the Inca Trail there, like a 3 day hike I believe.
The Peru Rail Train...
view from train...
children getting ready for a play?…
m_mspr says:
Did you stay in Aguas Caliente for one night and then go to machu picchu early the next day? or just straight from Cuzco? If you did go from AC, how early did you go?
Do you know how big discount I can get with an ISIC card, some place I read 50% of the entry ticket, but I thought it sounded too much...
Posted on: May 21, 2010
bryan_ldu1 bryan_ld…
1 reviews
Vale la pena! Jul 09, 2009
I hiked up MP in the summer of 2009 although i had to use the bathroom all the way up the hike, it was well worth it. Make sure you get the stamp of MP seven wonder in your passport when youre leaving the gates nobody mentioned to me and if it wasnt because another person was going to get it i wouldnt have got it either. Just a small advice maybe it´s common sense to others but I hadn´t know. make sure you got at least a couple of soles in your pocket, for if the emergency of bathroom should arise, once you get to the top the last thing you want to do is start looking for your friends in line to ask them for a couples of soles... And maybe take a snack or something, even though i don´t think you can eat inside you may be able to eat outside. (things in the small restaurant are outragously overpriced, compare to the little city below.) other than that MP is one place you should visit for sure
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inkiee inkiee
1 reviews
peru, machu pichu Dec 07, 2009
wot an amazing place im definatley going back one day soon. In the town where you stay before going up to machu pichu, Aguas Calientes, at the top end of it is a natural hot spa. It makes you feel so relaxed and you can get your pisco brought to you in the pools. If you walk a little way further through a little gate there is a beautiful waterfall.

The pictures you see dont do machu pichu any justice at all. The sheer height of the mountain it is built on and the awe at how it was built.I myself have vertigo and found it a little difficult walking around as there are no safety rails but would do it again. Must say it made all the difference having a guide but after take some time to look around on your own.
m_mspr says:
Sounds amazing!
How early did you go from Aguas Calientes to get to Machu Picchu? Is the first bus early enough or should I get a cab up there? Did you stay at hostels in Peru? Do you know if they have advertisements for activities at the hostels that you can just book right away? Is it cheaper or more expensive to book from the hostel than before you leave? thanks! leaving in less than a week so I'm really excited! :o)
Posted on: May 21, 2010
Sylvie1 Sylvie1
30 reviews
Sep 21, 2007
It is very hard to describe Machu Pichu. It is situated in Sacred Valley in Cusco and you can get there by taking the train. The trainride is about 1,20 minutes and then you arrive in the town before Machu Pichu. You will have to take a bus for a couple of minutes to get all the way to the top. I think many people also do this by foot, which takes a very long time. When you are in the train to Machu Pichu it's especially the nature that strikes you. I was overwelmed by the beauty of the jungle and the mountains. I had never seen a jungle before and it reminded me so hard of a the scenery of a great movie like Apocalypto. Machu Pichu itself is incredibly beautiful. We had a very misty day, but that wasn't our sorrow, we were just happy we could see this beautiful worldwonder. I was amazed off what these people where capable of buidling. The tourist don't bother you at all, you are just fascinated by the beauty that is surrounding you. Machu Pichu is truely a deserved winner for a world wonder.

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Machu Picchu
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