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Despite the overshadowing of tenacious relationships between Greece and itself, the Republic of Macedonia is a former Yugoslavian country known most commonly simply as Macedonia, the very same name which causes issues with Greece due to their provincial territory of the same name. It is a major transportation corridor between Western and Central Europe, and although not yet part of the European Union, the country has been making significant strides forward as it develops up to modern standards. There is a range of ethnic diversity and tensions, from the relationship between Albanians and Macedonians, as well as between Bulgarians and Macedonians. As a result, it is usually best to avoid discussing topics dealing with Bulgaria, Albania, or Greece when in Macedonia.

Despite the political climate, the country is far from dangerous. In fact, Macedonia is a destination that is agreeable to all levels of travelers. It is a mountainous country with a variety of valleys, lakes, rivers, and several mountain ranges. With over 500 years beneath the Ottoman Empire, and the Romans before that, Macedonia is packed full of historical buildings, churches, monasteries, mosques, and other historically relevant sights and sounds.

For such a tiny country there is absolutely a massive amount of activities for travelers. The best choice for first-timers is to hit the capital city of Skopje, where modern amenities and accommodations go hand-in-hand with Eastern European lifestyles, making for an ethnic and cultural melting pot that simply cannot be missed. Beyond that, visitors should head out to the Mavrovo National Park for the views or the skiing, or visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Ohrid, which is considered to be one of the greatest treasures of Macedonia. Regardless of whether you choose to stay in the cities such as Skopje, Bitola, or Kumanovo, or head out into the back country for archaeological treasures in places like Struga, Stip, or Krusevo, you will find yourself hard-pressed to take it all in during just one trip.

Ohrid #1 most popular location
Ohrid, immortal Ohrid – a kingdom of light and water, a repository of ancient ruins from Macedonia’s earlier kingdoms – is the sublime lakeside town that for many represents the culmina…
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Skopje #2 most popular location
In its 2,500 years of existence, Macedonia’s welcoming capital city has had many different incarnations. All of them – from Roman to Byzantine, from Ottoman to Yugoslav – have left inde…
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Bitola #3 most popular location
Macedonia’s second city, Bitola is a grand old town that still bears the marks of its turn-of-the-century importance as a center for diplomacy – while also exemplifying the country’s ti…
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Berovo #4 most popular location
Mavrovo #5 most popular location
Struga #6 most popular location
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Tetovo #7 most popular location
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Saint Naum #8 most popular location
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Kocani #9 most popular location
Archaeological findings attest to the existence of a settlement in this Eastern Macedonian locale since Roman times. Today, Kocani features modern cafes and shopping centers, and is a regiona…
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Vevchani #10 most popular location
Sveti Naum #11 most popular location
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Galicica #12 most popular location
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Lesnovo #13 most popular location
Kurbinovo #14 most popular location
Kriva Palanka #15 most popular location
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Podmocani #16 most popular location
Rajcica #17 most popular location
Ljubanista #18 most popular location
Debar #19 most popular location
Demir Kapija #20 most popular location