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cimtech cimtech
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My Trip to Macau Aug 06, 2014
Macau always fascinate me as it is one of the gateway to main land China and somehow crossing country by land interest me more than by air. So I took the advantage of traveling to Southern China from Macau few times. Unlike previous trips to Macau from Hong Kong by ferry this time took a flight to Macau airport from Bangkok. This former Portuguese colony is famous as a gambling haven but as I am not a gambling person so I am more interested for it’s Portuguese and Chinese culture, Portuguese architecture and Macanese food. My favorites are Portuguese-influnced cooking like sweet freshness of the Macanese salt backed fish, Curry Crab with a mix of Portuguese and local spices.

For me two days were enough to cover all historical places, some of the casinos and trying out some of the food I mentioned earlier. But it all depends, to check out islands, Colone and Taipa may take additional day. Also for a day trip to Zhuhai (Mainland China, Visa required) can be also considered. Event visiting Guangzhou and beyond is much interesting trips. A day trip to Hong Kong is also interesting for travelers who are not arriving to Macau via Hong Kong.

I happened to spend a weekend on Macau island and saw countless Chinese and Hong Kong gamblers poring and all 30+ Casinos are jammed packed. It is easy to travel between the casino resorts as they all offer free shuttle services. From Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal to Hong Kong could cost you as little as HK$ 140 ( US$ 19) and the trip takes roughly an hour, depending on the sea condition and boat used. Ferries on weekend is expensive.
The Ruins of St. Paul's refers to …
Hotel I was staying during my last…
Heading towards Macau Island from …
The Kuan Yin statue in Macau !
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cimtech says:
May, thank you for your comment. It is special administrative region of China and getting lot of attention since 1999 when they took over from Portuguese. Since then they are reclaiming lot of land and massive development going on. Very much interesting.
Posted on: Aug 07, 2014
cimtech says:
I am glad that you like it Jim ...!
Posted on: Aug 07, 2014
cotton_foam says:
such a very small country (is it considered country? or no?) anyway, but it is very progressive and modern! my mom traveled to Macau many years ago...
Posted on: Aug 06, 2014
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strattus99 strattus…
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Asia's Playground - Macau Apr 25, 2011
Since our second year of uni, my mates and I were absolutely compulsive gamblers. Going to the casino 3-4 times a week and even during exam time to help calm the stress. So what did we all do when we graduated  Macau!

We stayed at the Grand Emperor Hotel which was immaculate. This hotel is in Taipa and a stone’s throw away from the famous Lisboa Casino. The Grand Emperor had a night club where you pay the Mama San and she will bring out some ladies to do karaoke with your group. Huh!

It also had a sauna which is essentially a gentlemen’s club where there is a big spa and you choose your girl. Being young and all we were in complete awe as we have never been exposed to anything of this kind. But the group of older Chinese men seemed to be in their zone!

Then we went out to explore the Lisboa and what do we see? Yes, more working girls! Walking up and down this particular corridor, four at a time. I think I counted a total of 42 different faces all up. It was quite amusing to me.

Then we went to the Venetian – oh my what a beauty! There are girls just standing around the casino floor hoping to grab onto punters who come out with their share of chips.

I have never been exposed to more casinos and prostitute’s my whole life. Unfortunately I lost all my gambling money so I had no extra cash to spare! But next time …

Now before you all start ripping into me saying that there is plenty more to Macau than just casino’s and pro’s … THIRD REVIEW COMPLETE!!!! Messaging time!

I’ll put the photo’s up when I manage to get a hold of them. They are on my facebook however so feel free to add me on

These reviews are actually fun to write. I’ll definitely make sure I complete some more as I am always willing to help a fellow traveller out!
the_bloodsucker the_bloo…
33 reviews
The "Other Sides" of Macau Mar 03, 2008
Okay... When you say Macau, it is understood that the first thing that will come into your mind is casino! Yeah, Macau has got a number of other tourist spots and historical sites. But what most people don't know is that this tiny island has a lot in store for Museum-goers. Macau is home to numerous world-class museums displaying its rich natural and cultural history. Here's a list of some:

Maritime Museum- Just two minutes walk from A-Ma Temple, this compact but beautifully detailed museum celebrates Macau's complex maritime history. It's got 3 floors that are built like decks and include excellent displays of ancient explorers like Vasco de Gama and the great Ming Dynasty Admiral Cheng Ho. You would be willing to spend your whole day here!

Grand Prix Museum- Souls with motor racing urge should visit this museum. You will see actual race cars, bikes and replicas along with souvenirs. Jump into the simulator for a race around the famous circuit. This museum will surely be on interest to all- whether you are into race cars or not.

The Museum of Macau- Facing St. Paul's Museum and located at the Monte Fort, it occupies the ancient fortress built by the Jesuits at the beginning of the 17th century. This museum shows the development of life and civilization in and around Macau over centuries. History-lovers, don't miss this!

Unfortunately, I failed to visit the other museums here. But when I go back to Macau, they will surely occupy the top of my itinerary.


Macau Museum of Art

Handover Gifts Museum of Macau

Treasure of Sacred Art - St Dominic Church

Fire Services Museum

Dr. Sun Iat Sen Memorial House in Macau

Natural and Agrarian Museum

Macau Security Forces Museum

Macau Tea Culture House

Helpful Website:
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mjkitz mjkitz
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Macau Escapade Dec 06, 2008
Macau... Spanish Style. Visiting Macau was a sidetrip from Hong Kong. It's just a 45 mins. ferry ride from the sheng wan district of Hong Kong to the port of Macau. There's also a star ferry from the Kowloon District of Hong Kong that has daily trips to Macau. Upon arriving at the port you could see the great Fisherman's Wharf, the view? well it was awesome. Many attractions, miniture sights, arabian, vulcanic, chinese, modern and exciting motiffs to experience. near the Fisherman's Wharf you could also see their own version of the Statue of Liberty. Many attractions can be found here like the famous St. Paul's Ruins, Venetian Hotel, Grand Lisboa biggest Casino you can see tinted with gold from top to bottom. There are buses for your convenience but I prefer the old fashion way of travelling.... walking. I really enjoy walking the old streets of Macau, trust me you wont get lost. That's all for now, I'll continue writing about Macau in my next review.
Ginger bread man!
Old Roman Amphitheatre
Ruins of St. Paul
There's a monkey in the central wi…
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