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#1 of 5 hotels in Macau
WanderingStoic says: "This is an exceptional hotel. The room surpassed my expectations. Every time I..."
Average Rate
#2 of 5 hotels in Macau
ko2678 says: "I was meeting my partner here.She was coming from a different part of China,and ..."
#3 of 5 hotels in Macau
lanieinthesky says: "Location is just perfect! Its right in the heart of San Ma Lo. The room was s..."
#4 of 5 hotels in Macau
gingerbatik says: "This is the cheapest hotel in Macau where we could find from internet. It is sti..."
#5 of 5 hotels in Macau
This City Hotel is the Perfect Choice For Relaxation or Entertainment, As Well As Business Trips. It Comprises a Total of 112 Ro...
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