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Largo da Torre de Macau - (853) 2893 3339

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jaffizzle jaffizzle
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Macau Tower Bungeeeeeeeeeeee! Jun 30, 2011
Go big or go home, right? This right here is the highest "commercial" bungee jump in the world! A whopping 250 some what meters! That's 5xs higher than your average bungee jump!

Now I'm not stranger to bungee, this was actually my 5th jump...but I was still sweating balls from the anxiety or maybe the heat..but lets say anxiety to make things more interesting. So by the time we go to the towers I like any true American tourist have already pounded down a few shots chased with beers.

Stumbling in, we looked at the prices and HOLY MOTHER, its $300 USD for a single jump that last literally 10 seconds! Sheesh! A hooker costs less for double the duration!

But whatevs, I was there. I was drunk. Lets jump. So I signed away my life and $300 of my dollars...and up we go.

After 30 mins of waiting and a few more beers, I'm suited up and ready to roll. But before heading out, of course, I told my friends I loved them and that if anything were to happen, I would like to be buried with my most prized possession, my Macbook.

So I'm outside looking down thinking of the things and hookers I could have got...but instead I chose to jump off a fucking building. Not to mention I'm down another $5 for a new pair of undies.

Anyways so 5 4 3 2 they push me off and before I can even open my eyes it was over! What happened to 1? I'm wondering the same thing, those bastards!

Was it worth it? Well I'm saying yes despite it's cost. It's honestly a great achievement especially for someone who is afraid of heights and death. Even though it was my 5th jump, each jump still scared the living crap out of me. Will that ever go away? Probably not, but it was never about removing that fear...but instead, overcoming it. Being up there despite my fear of heights. Jumping despite my fear of death.

Plus I got a free beer at the end.
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mohitmadaan mohitmad…
3 reviews
Macau tower Feb 14, 2011
Started from my hotel in a Cab to macau tower, pretty easy and 10 mins drive. At the Lobby, we were told that if we bought the tickets from here, it would be a little cheaper than buying from above (The top of the tower), which was true. So there are three levels you can choose from when it comes to buying ticket:

1) Just going up on the tower

2) Sky walk.

3) Sky walk and Bungy jumping.

We decided to just buy the entry (1) to see whats it like from the top. You get in an elevator and in few seconds, you are on the top level which has alot of restaurants including indian and American.

Further, we decided to just stick to sky walk and not actually do the bungy jumping (I know its stupid but honestly i got scared). Anyway, they give you a custom Macau tower skywalk T that you wear when you go on the walk.

Skywalk is actually walking on the outmost rim of the tower with a belt which holds you incase you.... (you know what i mean). So here we were after changing on the actual Rim and see the whole city of macau, including our holel. The Pearl River and Land of mainland China (Across Pearl river). The guide was kind enough to let us spend as much time we wanted and clicked alot of pics as well. By the time we came out/in the tower... We were happy, impressed...

At the end they provided us with CD with our pics on, pics of some other people.... Certificate that we officially can talk because we did the walk... lol, they also gave us a wrist band we could wear... Overall, great experience... One of the best in my life
Johnpro Johnpro
208 reviews
A higher point of view ! Aug 04, 2010
I believe is the higher point of view for Macau .

Very nice panoramic view and very excellent point for photographers . The only problem is the windows but if you have time and with a good focus taking great pictures .

Somewhere to 61th floor are the public view with an available outside walk ... you can try if you want just for 10usd !!!

Very nice view for the Grand Lisboa , the famous hotel and casino from Macau .

In separate area without building at front of view where gives panoramic scope.

When was there had also a small historic Macau exhibition to the first floor .

Available coffee shops , souvenirs and shopping in the lower floors .

I believe is one from the must see places to Macau and recommended unconditionally !

And as I say always , "One picture thousand of words"
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ozlad ozlad
15 reviews
Why not jump from a perfectly good building? Feb 03, 2010
Standing at the base of this tower was a strange experience.

After searching for things to do before leaving to go and visit my best friend living in Macau, I came across this tower.

From the moment I saw it? i knew i was going to jump off it!

So as soon as I landed in Hong Kong...I was thinking about it. The ferry ride to Macau? i was thinking about it. Greeting my mate in Macau? first thing I said was hello, second was that I was going to jump from Macau Tower.

Luckily his girlfriend was keen to jump as well so the old term - One in all in - came into play.

After a few days of touring around and seeing the sights, the morning we intended to jump came, and i couldn't have been more excited!

Getting out of the taxi and looking up, was when the 'strange' feeling started.

I looked up, then looked at my friends, then looked up again, Im sure the look in my eyes said it all!

Sucking it in...we all started off toward the line to the elevator and made our way inside.

Now let me just say that the elevator ride alone was a rush. It was glass and you could see just how high you were going, and might I add, at a rapid rate !

Halfway up I was ready to go back down !! hahaha the sweating started and the sphincter contractions were at an all time high ! ha !

It seemed to just keep going up and up and up and up, until it finally came to rest at the top.

Making my way out of the elevator last, I was sure i wasnt going to jump, My friend was pale as a ghost and his girlfriend was all smiles.

We got changed, got our harness on and made our way to the cage where you get ready to jump.

As soon as that clicked shut, a very strange thing happened...ALL the anxiety just disappeared! no shaky legs, no sweating, no feeling nauseous !

my friends girlfriend had her photo taken, quick comment on video, walked to the edge and just jumped. She is awesome !

The decision for me to go last was an easy one,

I knew my friend, who practically had tears coming from his eyes, would not jump if I went before him, and that is saying something for a guy that is 6 foot 6 !

So after a patient half hour build up, the big fella jumped, and i couldn't have been prouder, I honestly thought he wouldn't do it !

Then came the time I had to step up to the edge. I got strapped in and stood up, and slowly shuffled to the edge.

Now for those that haven't done this, they strap it all on around your ankles **quick note - if you don't have anything attached to your ankles? don't jump!! haha**

However, this one had a huge metal clasp that attached the cord about a metre away from my ankle and when that thing went over the edge first? it wanted to immediately pull me down with it...and after another case of sphincter contractions? i gained the composure back and readied myself to jump from this perfectly good building.

I looked left? nothing but air.

I looked right? nothing but air.

I looked straight ahead and swear to this day I could see Sydney Opera House it was that high!

Then without warning:



At the stage of jumping where there was no coming back? was when this jump totally kicked me in the an amazing way.

It was the single most amazing feeling i have had and thats after skydiving as well !

The free fall was 6 or 7 seconds and before i knew it, i had pulled a quick release and was in a seated position for my slow but scenic

ride to the mat at the bottom.

I loved every part of it and would recommend it to anyone brave enough to do it !

**there is a video of the jump in the Macau photo folder**
ready to go !
Almost down.
TravChef says:
While I read your review, it is just like I am at the edge, I am sure I can't do this.
Posted on: Nov 12, 2011
mohitmadaan says:
Great Job buddy, i was there but like you said... not everybody can do it and i admit i couldn't.. Perhaps this time
Posted on: Feb 14, 2011
hokiegirl says:
I agree that it's the sinle most amazing feeling I have ever had. I went skydiving and that comes second to the bungeee jumping off the highest point in the wordl!!
Posted on: Jul 21, 2010
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