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The West-Ukrainian Capital - this is how Lviv, a city in Western Ukraine, is often called. It is much more ornate than many other cities of Ukraine. Lviv is famous for its old and unique architecture, cathedrals and churches, very active public (both politically and economically) and has long become a place of pilgrimage of many Orthodox and Catholic Christians.

Lviv was visited by about one million travelers from 113 countries of the world in 2010. This city has long become a city of summits and government rendezvous. They say it is, in fact, the second Ukrainian capital. The residents of Western Ukraine often call Lviv the Spiritual Capital of Ukraine. The city has the oldest cathedrals and churches in Ukraine, among them Roman Catholic Cathedral, Assumption Cathedral, St.George's Cathedral, John the Baptist Cathedral, Former Jesuits' Cathedral and others.

Getting to know Lviv, you will discover its treasures and legends. Lvivians and city visitors agree that there are at least Seven Wonders of Lviv
1) Corniactos Belfry;
2) Former Bernardine Cathedral;
3) Boims Chapel, “A Bible in Stone”;
4) Count Pototski’s Palace;
5) Opera and Ballet Theater;
6) House of Scientists;
7) St.George’s Cathedral.

Lviv was first mentioned in 1238, but they chose the date 1256 as the city's foundation year. In 2006 the city celebrated the 750th anniversary of its foundation.

The population of Lviv exceeds 830,000 inhabitants now.
Thousands of people come to this city daily as tourists or on business.
The central part of the city has been put on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Lviv can be called an open-air museum like, say, Luebeck, an ancient German city recognized by UNESCO as a museum city.

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