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Luxembourg #1 most popular location
When in AD 963, Count Siegfried built his "Lucilinburhuc" (little castle) on a rocky promontory overlooking the river Alzette, little did he know that his home was to become the cradle of one…
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Vianden #2 most popular location
Vianden is a small Ardennes town in the northeast of Luxembourg. In 2008 it will be celebrating its 700th anniversary, for more information on different events go to: http://www.ont.lu/press-…
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Echternach #3 most popular location
Echternach is a picturesque small city on the border with Germany, dating back to 698 AD, which makes it the oldest city in Luxemburg. One interesting sight is the St. Willibrord Basilica, wh…
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Clervaux #4 most popular location
Clervaux is a small town in the north of Luxembourg. The castle is situated on a hill overlooking the town and houses the famous "Family of Man" exhibition, which was curated by Edward Ste…
Esch-sur-Alzette #5 most popular location
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Beaufort #6 most popular location
The main reason to visit Beaufort is the 12th century ruined castle. It's quite large and one of the most beautiful in Luxemburg. Besides this, the natural surroundings are also quite bea…
Bourscheid #7 most popular location
Diekirch #8 most popular location
Diekirch is a commune with city status in north-eastern Luxembourg, capital city of the canton Diekirch and the district of Diekirch. The city is situated on the banks of the Sauer river. As…
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Livange #9 most popular location
Kleinbettingen #10 most popular location
Consdorf #11 most popular location
The village consdorf,is located in Luxemburg.There are living about 1700 people in this village.Nearby you will find the bigger city Echternach, and the smaller villages Scheidgen, Breidweile…
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Mullerthal #12 most popular location
Mullertal is located in Luxemburg in the east and close by the German border.Because of the big dark Forrest and rocky hills and mountains it's called little Switzerland.In the Mullertal are …
Bettembourg #13 most popular location
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Hosingen #14 most popular location
Gonderange #15 most popular location
Hollenfels #16 most popular location
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Kayl #17 most popular location
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