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Luggage advice Feb 09, 2010
If possible take a carry on bag whenever you can if you can fit everything. It is usually free and you can avoid waiting at the carousel which can a while. You can also avoid the luggage fee that some airlines charge. Best of all, you will have it with you at all times and theres a better chance it will not get lost! If you have to check-in your bag make sure to clearly mark that it is yours... put your name in big bold letters in the front, tie a ribbon, put lots of stickers, etc. While I was at the airport waiting at the carousel until the very end to find that someone walked off with the same kind of luggage I had. I had a strip of duct tape on top of it but it still gets taken by mistake. I should have marked it better.

In unfortunate events that your bag gets lost, it is best to bring a carry on and pack clothes, toiletries, and other items that will last you at least a day or two. That way, you won't be at a city with nothing and would not need to buy items. Fortunately I was in my home city when I had my luggage taken and I did have a carry on with me. It would have been worse if I was still in a foreign country when it happened, especially if I just landed.

So in summary:

*Boldly mark your luggage so no one will mistakenly take it

*Take a carry on if possible and if you are checking a bag in, split some items between the two bags in case the checked bag gets lost
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