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Lubaantun Overview

Lubaantun (meaning Place of the Fallen Stones) is the largest ceremonial centre in the Toledo District, located near the village of San Pedro Columbia above a tributary to the Columbia River. Built in the Late Classic Period it consists of eleven major structures, grouped around five main plazas, and is unique in that it was built entirely without the aid of mortar, and features "rounded corners".

The site has a visitors' centre where you can read about the (in)famous Crystal Skull which was supposedly 'discovered' at the site, and talk to Mr Santiago Coc, the caretaker, who assisted with the 1970 Cambridge excavations of the site. He will happily show you the latest 'finds' as well as telling you some of the Kek'chi Maya legends. Lubaantun is also known for its many ceramic whistle figurines, and excellent reproductions of ocarinas found at the site are sometimes for sale at the site.

The site plays host to a special performance of a traditional Maya Dance each year as part of the Toledo Cacao Festival activities. The site is a 0.7 mile walk from the San Pedro Columbia - San Miguel Road: take the 11am San Miguel village bus from Punta Gorda, and return around 4pm (service operates Monday to Saturday. Check at the Site for any changes to the return bus schedule).

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