Los Dos Molinos

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8646 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, USA

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Los Dos Molinos Is No Bueno?!? Sep 09, 2008
Alright so my good friend now (i hope) Brett aka Metsbwd came to Phoenix for work and I thought we would grab a bite to eat. He is what you call a manly man who eats manly spices - on the other side you have me. A guy whose ears turn red once the peppers are even mentioned - or what you would call a "wuss". As if by magic - Brett had this restaurant in mind since he heard about it being a spicy haven. So I've heard the mention of this Los Dds Molinos restaurant tossed around a few times and I figured that why not?!? On the side note I could see the fire in Brett's as if this was a personal vendetta on his manhood and thus took it as a personal challenge. I figure that I would go to see this smack down and have a burrito or something and pay tribute to this challenge - i also figured that Brett would need a witness to this match-up.

As we approach the restaurant, going south on Central after getting off the I-17 I must admit that we werent going through the best part of town. Not quite south central, but ummm... just somewhat ghetto-ish?!? use your imagination! Passed numerous corner -berto's mexican restaurants and as Brett said "too many fish and chip places." I honestly would think twice about changing your way enroute to the restaurant.

As we pull into the parking lot it was built as we thought as a smaller mexico. Meaning that once you got passed the entry gate there were a new other buildings to walk into and tried to portray it with Corona advertisements, hats, beads, blankets... etc. We knocked and tried to open the wrong door a few times, but hey - what do you expect from men who never ask for directions?!? anywho, we eventually found the right door to the restaurant - it wasn't a "pull me" door as shown but a doorknob twist handle which could of saved me from running into the scree (idiot) i know. I think I was paying too much attention to the "some like it hot" logo. Inside we went and wow this place was small... lol chile peppers hanging from the ceiling all over! and drawings of native american jewelry and women in native attire (thinking to myself i thought - WTF? isn't this a mexican rest.?!?!?!). Then came this beautiful mexican looking women (can't confirm or deny what race) who helped us to the table. They had benches, but I KNEW for a fact that I was not going to fit my big a$$ in there - so i kindly offered it to Brett and I took the chair. = )

Now can the hard part of what to order. Me being the wuss that I am, picked the Grande Burro no hottness at all!! = ) Brett while challenged the waiter (which btw wasn't the hot girl, but a wanna be mexican pimp who was rude if you ask me) and the waiter simply pointed to the most expensive item on the menu with a chile pepper emblem next to it (meaning HOT!). Didn't phase Brett - he insisted that he wanted the best and most challenging dish available. But the server really didn't care and kinda shrugged it off, with no help at all it seemed the battle lost its point and all hope was lost. With that being said it seemed that Brett just closed his eyes and picked whatever had a chile sign next to it.

From there it went all down hill...

The food was bland, my soda was tasteless, the Los Dos Molinos shirts that they had for sale were ugly and 25$ a pop, water wasn't refilled when asked, and after the dinner Brett's drink wasn't even half way gone!! A MUST if claiming that you have spiciest stuff in the SouthWest! At one point Brett was mocking the restaurant - about to ask for some HOT SAUCE!! HOT SAUCE people... i mean thats a slap in the face! but yeah and what was even worse... actually IDK - its a toss up between never seeing that attractive women again or almost having our cameras taken away since no pictures were allowed due for some magazine holding their rights. BOO!! but overall it was great, but mostly due to Brett, getting to know him and enjoying his company!!
Los Dos Molinos
Los Dos Molinos with Brett in the …
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