Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

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5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA
www.lacma.org - 323-857-6000

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Reviews

ellechic ellechic
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Target Monday's in LACMA. Jan 16, 2012
My friend and I visited LACMA on a holiday - MLK Day. It turned out to be free admission!

They have interesting permanent collections of art. I enjoyed my brief visit as they have interesting pieces and collection that was interactive and easy to enjoy.

During my visit, they have the Metropolis II Exhibit - a miniature metropolis structure of steel beams and multitude vehicles in multi-level roads - that encompasses major buildings in today's big metropolis and iconic structures around the work, such as NYC's Empire Building and the Taj Mahal. They have four 90-minutes schedules when you can see the cars speeding through the highways of this metropolis!

Outside, in the north piazza of the museum, there is a limited time art installation of Ai Weiwei's Circle of Animals/Zodiac in bronze, recreated from "the famous 12 animal heads that once adorned the Zodiac Fountain in Yuan Ming Yuan, the Old Summer Palace, in Beijing." (LACMA, 2012)

At the opposite side is Chris Burden's Urban Light installation of 202 restored cast iron antique street lamps. The bright white lights lighten up the early night. " ...Now powered by solar energy, they are switched on every night from dusk until dawn."(LACMA, 2012)


Admission is FREE to the permanent galleries and non-ticketed exhibitions on the second Tuesday of each month and during holiday Mondays (thanks to Target!).

Otherwise, the admission fees are: Adults: $15, Seniors: $10, Students: $10, Children: Free
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (…
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (…
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (…
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (…
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galvatron20 galvatro…
3 reviews
Really good museum Jul 17, 2011
This is a really cool art museum. A good array of exhibits with some famous pieces of work. There was some cool photo exhibitions on as well. The whole building is fantastic to look at and is really spacious and brings the art to life. A cool art museum.
sybil sybil
115 reviews
Oct 21, 2007
LACMA is short for the los angeles county museum of art.

from october 14, 2007 to january 6, 2008, lacma will be presenting the DALI AND FILM exhibit.

apparently, salvador dali was into making films. he collaborated with luis bunuel, and later, walt disney, the marx brothers and andy warhol. he also hung out with the likes of warner (head of warner brothers).

the exhibit shows these films and the storyboards derived from dali's imagination. there is one film - "destino," which is a walt disney - salvador dali partnership - that i found particularly interesting. it is an animated film of this woman who found this man and throughout, you could see transformations of the man, woman and objects into whatever dali saw fit. pretty neat!

i also noticed that he likes ants. his films and paintings have a lot of those ants. i read somewhere that it equates to sex ... or something like that.

my favorite though is the metamorphosis of narcissus (which is on loan from the tate modern in london). it is just pretty neat! it basically shows two forms of narcissus - the mythological character who falls in love with himself while looking at his reflection in a pool of water. in dali's interpretation, there are 2 identical forms -- one the form of a person kneeling and the other, a hand holding an egg. but they are basically the same shape. it is brilliant! again, there are ants. there are also other elements to the painting. i think i stared at it for at least 15 minutes! ...then, came back to it again to stare some more prior to leaving the exhibit!

i also saw the persistence of memory -- which, i think, is his most famous painting. it is interesting because it is small. i expected this to be large -- kinda like how the mona lisa should be big but is really small. anyhow, the persistence of memory is still pretty cool to look at.

i did enjoy this exhibit!!! if it comes to your neighborhood (or nearby), try to check it out. even if you are not into surrealism, which i really am not, there are still things that you could appreciate.

TIP 1: it is free to visit lacma's other galleries after 5 pm. if it is a special exhibit, you still have to pay but it is cheaper after 5 pm.

TIP 2: there is a parking lot right in front of lacma at spaulding. it is free after 7 pm. if you are getting to lacma beforehand, drive a block or two south of wilshire in the residential area and find parking there. just make sure to read the street signs for some retrictions (like street cleaning day or 2 hour maximum parking, etc.).
outside lacma advertising the dali…
i love this: metamorphosis of narc…
X_Drive says:
It's been so long since I have spent time in LA that it has change so much. I barely recognize anything. Thanks for writing this blog. Anxious to see you at the Meetup on Dec 8th! :)
Posted on: Oct 26, 2007
jhenthorne says:
Just curious, but how into Dali are you? I don't have much in the way of art here in Tampa, but I do have the Dali museum and its awesome (if you are into him)!
Posted on: Oct 26, 2007
mellemel8 says:
i miss lacma. the last time i was here, it was Rene Magritte"s exibit. that was in the spring.
Posted on: Oct 22, 2007
jenn79 jenn79
129 reviews
Dec 08, 2007
For an entrance price of $20, one should catch the Dali exhibit at the LACMA on Wilshire Blvd.

Although the more famous pieces of Dali's art aren't here, this is one of the better exhibits because of it's comprehensiveness of the many periods of his artistic endeavors (and trust me, he had quite a few).

Much information about his life is discovered here, including his close relationship to Walt Disney and the Marx Brothers, whom he deemed "true surrealists". An amazing short cartoon that Dali and Disney did together is featured in its entirety. And I have to say, it's brilliant!
Dali Exhibit @ LACMA
Owens Owens
23 reviews
Jun 11, 2006
Friday nights at the LACMA means:

Free Jazz concerts

Free admission after Five pm

Great Cafeteria food, 4 bulidings full of amazing art
Laughing woman sculpture
Artist: Chaz Bojorquez

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