Longleat Safari Park

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Longleat, Warminster, United Kingdom
www.longleat.co.uk - +44 (0)1985 844400

Longleat Safari Park Warminster Reviews

karen789 karen789
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Longleat Safari Park Aug 22, 2013
This trip to Longleat was organised by a friend for his girlfriends birthday outing with friends. A tip would be to pre-book your ticket online as you will get 15% off the ticket entry. Just remember your booking reference as you will need to give this number to the staff at the entrance for your ticket for entry.

The park is split into two main sections.

The first part: The adventure area, where you are able to walk around the different sections to see the different animals.

There are shows in the different sections at set times, so if you want to see a particular show, check out the time first so you don't miss it.

In some sections you can even touch the animals (if your not a fan of spiders or snakes - like myself - then you probably won't find this section of the park enjoyable)

There is a part of the park where you will need to jump onto a ferry to be able to see hippos, seals and the gorillas. the best seats are on the left hand side. When you first get on, you'll miss the hippos to start with, but you will get a very good view coming back toward the docking area.

Within the park there is a maze which takes around 45 mins to complete or 10 mins if your really good. Just some good old fun which really isn't animal themed. Nor is the Postman Pat Village which is situated within the Park.

The second part of the park: The actual Safari where you can either drive through in your own vehicle or you can pay an extra £4 per person to ride on the bus.

Due to my friends who had seen the damage done by the monkeys to previous Longleat attendees, we opted for the bus ride.

We managed to grab some seats in the bottom of the bus, hint - seat to the right hand side to see most of the good animals.

The bus driver gives a commentary throughout the journey, and is very funny and likes to crack jokes, but also give you all the information you need about the animals e.g. their name, how long they've been in the park, their names.

Overall we had a great day at the park, however for the amount of animals you got the see at the Safari, we thought the ticket was a little on the expensive side.

Even though we found the tickets were expensive, I would still recommend a visit there if you've never been before.
Feed the deer
Lazy meerkat
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ginab0beena ginab0be…
1 reviews
Alternative day out Mar 11, 2012
I was taken to “Longleat Safari and Adventure Park” for an alternative day out to going to London Zoo.

After a drive of nearly two hours from Reading, we arrived to a relatively empty park. We followed the directions around to the entrance where we collected our pre-paid tickets and went in. This was a rather painless experience as we went off-peak and not during any of the school holidays. If you are very brave, or crazy, and decide to attempt a visit to the park during one of the school holidays or hotter days of the summer, do be prepared to wait for a minimum of 45 mins to get to the entrance alone.

At the entrance you are handed a pack containing a CD and map. I can imagine that the CD is useful for when you go around the safari, however, on the day that we went, the CD did not match up to any of the animal or the sequence of the animals we saw so we ended up giving up with the CD. The CD would be a great learning tool for children IF it was correct to what you were seeing.

You then drive for approximately 15 mins to the entrance of the safari park. I would advise anyone to use the toilets and stock up on drinks, especially on hot days, before entering the safari as you are only allowed to exit your vehicle at the very beginning of it and you will end up in the car for hours on busy days.

You drive past various birds and camels, which do not do much but munch on the grass pretty far away from the row of cars passing them. Then you get to the monkey enclosure. The monkeys, compared to most other animals, are still their usual mischievous and entertaining selves, and the sign “Monkey Mechanics at Work” is the easiest way to describe it. If you come out with a piece of tiny rubber missing from the trim on the car roof, like we did, then you are very lucky. Most of those exiting before us had number plates and aerials missing.

The monkey enclosure is avoidable, but if you are not easily frustrated or don’t have a car that will fall to pieces by an overly eager monkey, then it is worth every penny of the entrance fee.

As a whole, the safari park is fairly average when not all the animals are out, and as there is currently construction work for new enclosures happening, it looks slightly run down and “grey”. The food is also extremely overpriced and taking a picnic is probably the best way to avoid this. If you are able to afford an all-in entrance fee then go for it, as the Longleat house and other attractions to offer around the house are very fun and give the legs a much needed stretch after driving around the safari park.

All in all, a good alternative to a zoo, especially for a couple without children, but the experience is greatly improved by the other attractions on offer, as well as the walk around Longleat house and gardens.
Longleat Safari and Adventure Park…
Longleat Safari and Adventure Park…
Longleat Safari and Adventure Park…
Longleat Safari and Adventure Park…
drdavid0ff drdavid0…
2 reviews
typical tourist trap Apr 29, 2011
Longleat is ideal for everyone, especially animal lovers as its the countries first and largest game reserve, which is growing constantly.

it has plenty of places you eat, loads of areas for the kids to play, all the staff are friendly and helpful, theres a pets corner where you can interact and hold animal such as snakes, spiders and scorpians
LouiseTopp LouiseTo…
14 reviews
Longleat safari park Oct 28, 2008
Longleat is the home of Lord Bath; the safari park is very interesting with many animals to see, & lots of entertainments for the kiddies. Set in more than 900 acres of ‘Capability’ Brown designed parkland with a additional 8,000 acres of forests, lakes & farmland, Longleat mixes the magic of the old with the attractions of the new. Longleat was the first stately home to open its door to the public; Longleat is also the first place, outside Africa, to open a Safari Park. &, after more than 36 years, Longleat is still one of Britain’s most admired tourist attractions. You can enjoy really close encounters with some of the largest, fiercest, cutest, & strangest animals from around the world in the Safari Park. On entering there is a large building designed in the style of an African lodge, it over looks the Llamas enclosure, here you can buy African things like drums & spears. There is the world’s largest hedge maze (I thought Hampton Court won on that one), there is an adventure castle for the kids to get lost in & another Blue peter maze to lose the naughty one’s in.

For £18 you can see all the parks attractions. It can save you over 50% off the shared attractions’ prices, but it is also valid throughout the season 2005 and will be hole punched when you have done each one. My only gripe is when we tried to get wheelchairs onto the carriage for disabled people on the train. It was full of able-bodied people, who completely blanked us out despite the sign asking passengers to give up seats; shame on you!

Pets corner (althrough not very big) is very interesting. It has a parrot show every hour until 4pm being the last one. It costs £3 to get in with out the pass or £1.50 if you are a student or disabled. There's also the teacup ride for children and two simulators (if you can put up with all that jerking about etc).

The house is worth a look, althrough phtography and the use of mobile phones is prohibited. With out the pass its £10.99 to get in. The rooms are spectacular with many paintings and statues. There are guides on hand to answer any questions. There's Lady Baths shop which is in the old kitchens, here you can see a real copper brass boiler.

Sometimes people ride about on old fashioned bikes dating from the 18th century (the kind which don't have pedles).

To get to the front door of the house in't wheel or push chair friendly, but there's a disabled entrance to the side of the building. The website for this attraction is: http://www.longleat.co.uk/
The drive to the house.
Zen Zen
40 reviews
Sep 02, 2007
With a ticket fee of £20 per adult Longleat Safari Park is comparatively expensive to get into, but that covers not only the safari parts but also Longleat House including grounds and gardens, the safari boats and several smaller attractions that may be worth a visit. I definitely enjoyed Pet's corner with their really cute baby otters but unfortunately I missed out on the opportunity to hold a live snake. There is definitely a lot to do and the ticket is valid for quite a while so you can always come back a few weeks later and do all the attractions you didn't get a chance to see first (or second) time around. But if you are just interested in the safari then you can get a safari only ticket for £11 for an adult.

A quick word of caution though for the safari: the 'Monkey Jungle' can be bypassed and even though I love monkeys I would recommend that to anyone who feels attached to their car in any way. It's fun to have them interacting and sitting on your car but they can be very destructive with it and seem to enjoy ripping off wipers and scratching paintwork.

All the other parts of the safari are "car-safe" and it is great to drive by wild cats like tigers and lions snoozing after being fed or past wolves, camels, hippos, etc... You get a free CD with your ticket talking you through what you are seeing and passing through and it contains a few interesting facts. For a nice day out, especially with families, this is definitely a fun destination, even more so if you are an animal lover.
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