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Gatwick, England

London Gatwick airport Reviews

hotchick21 hotchick…
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Despicable customer service from the baggage handling department! Apr 14, 2012
So another trolley case destroyed by baggage handlers... I arrived back from our Easter break in Amsterdam around 22.00 on Thursday 12th April, my case & handle were all in-tack when we left our hotel & used the transport system in Amsterdam. All still in-tack with case at Schiphol airport at check-in too!

Once we landed at Gatwick & proceeded to collect our luggage from the carousel I went to grab the top handle of my trolley case (as you would) but noticed the handle had been smashed off. I noticed the baggage handling desk & thought I would pop over to make a comment & if possible make a claim.

After the customer in front of me finished being served I asked the meat head behind the desk (the only polite way I can describe this creature) the procedure, only to be "TOLD" abruptly “easyJet” do not cover damage to cases! I was slightly taken aback with the attitude. A notice on the desk was displayed which I went to take a picture of with my mobile when another meat head with a huge stomach which made this creature look like he was carrying an elephant (no offence to elephants) came around the corner- & told me "you are not allowed to take pictures within this area" in the most despicable tone of voice! The first meat head then said would you like to make a claim with your insurance which I replied "yes please" only then to be given a scrap of paper-yes correct a scrap of paper to place my name, address & telephone number on. I asked this person " oh is this piece of paper going to be filed somewhere" only to be told again to place your name, address & telephone number on this scrap of paper! I declined as not in the habit of giving out personal details for it to be merely tossed in the trash!

Not one helpful person behind this desk! Regardless if you are giving a customer bad news at least have the decency of a polite mindful delivery!!

If this is the best Gatwick airport has to offer I am truly disgusted & extremely appalled.

Considering we are hosting the biggest sporting event in 103 days (Oh, I mean the Olympics games- Gatwick) you really need to work on this very important area. And I mean CUSTOMER SERVICE skills.
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hotchick21 says:
Will send my comments to easyjet this afternoon. Even if not the outcome I want to hear they sure need to know about the BAD service!
Indeed Dan, hence why I'm saving very hard to get out for GOOD :)!
Posted on: Apr 15, 2012
Jamal1280 says:
Absolutely deplorable. Contact easyjet through their website. Good luck, babe!
Posted on: Apr 14, 2012
kasior says:
gosh, you've had an experience! I had a similar at the same airport few years back, but at least you got yours back! mine was misplaced and I was told that it will be sent to a country that the contents are most likely to fit to (sic!)bye bye fav jeans..
we're so ready for the Olympics..
Posted on: Apr 14, 2012
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Chokk Chokk
1733 reviews
Much better than last time I was there Jun 25, 2011
The Olympic games has done wonders with the British airports; I had not been in Gatwick for years and I must say that it was functioning much better today than I remembered it.

We had arrived with express bus from Heathrow and needed only to do a baggage drop, which went quite fast. The security line was long but it went a bit faster than in the States and we did not need to take off our shoes this time.

The tax-free area was nice with a lot of shops but none of them were having really good offers; I settled with some bottles of champagne to enjoy in Jamaica. There was a good selection of different restaurants to choose from regarding a quick lunch also. The boarding went quite smooth even though it was a large plane.
My lunch in Gatwick
The windows didn't like my filter
Inside a restaurant
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Chokk says:
The transport to and from these airports are extremely expensive - you end up as you say paying more for the trip into London than getting to the airport.
Posted on: Jun 25, 2011
Biedjee says:
Gatwick is improving, however, last time I was there the 30-minute train to get to London from Gatwick cost me more than the flight from Holland to London. If I travel to the UK I try to prevent Gatwick for that reason. How's the situation these days?
Posted on: Jun 25, 2011
GeorgeLeach GeorgeLe…
70 reviews
The Uk's second Biggest Airport Jul 04, 2010
Heathrow's smaller brother deals with a lot of the low-cost and charter flights that don't want to land at Heathrow but does also service some scheduled airlines most notable it's a major hub for Virgin Atlantic. There's two terminals, North and South, which are connected so you can walk between them althrough it's a bit of a hike. As usual, there's loads of resturants and other stuff to keep you amused as you wait and lounges for those with a few more pennies.

The biggests trick with Gatwick is that it's not actually in London; it's about 60 miles south in Sussex. So in order to get to London it's best to take the Gatwick - Heathrow express and connect from the bigger airport unless you fancy the bus or paying an arm and a leg for a taxi!
X_Drive X_Drive
837 reviews
In and out in a hurry! Jun 14, 2005
Flying out of Gatwick Airport at the end of our tours turned out to nearly be a bigger adventure than the tours we had just finished. We were called down to the Brendon Tour desk and told that our luggage was being loaded onto the shuttle bus for departure about a half hour prior to our expected departure. When we got to the shuttle bus we found ourselves crammed in with other folks that had finished their tours (different than ours) also and we were all headed to Gatwick, but apparently the driver thought we all had plenty of time to make our flights, so he took the longest and most scenic drive he could. The airport is nearly 30 miles south of London, but he took us through forests and over hills and dales. And then as he pulled into the airport area he realized that his left front tire had suddenly gone flat. We had told him a few minutes prior that our plane was due to leave much before the others so he had done some pretty quick moves and taken a couple of very sharp corners getting us to the airport and that was probably the reason for the flat tire. But as he got out, we helped grabbed our luggage and ran the quarter mile to the terminal we needed. (That must have been a silly sight!) We had little time to check in, and with the help of very friendly and courteous staff got all of our luggage checked too.

This is the second largest airport and was very busy the day we went through. I have to give them kudos for getting us through in quick time, even though we had to return and check my carry-on bag because of the small metal swords included with the knights I had purchased. They were very understanding and helpful and got us to our plane with only a few minutes to spare. I’ll give them high marks any day.

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