London Dungeon

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28-34 Tooley Street, London, United Kingdom
London Dungeon - London dungeon gate
London Dungeon - The London Dungeon.
London Dungeon - Inside the London Dungeon.
London Dungeon - Entrance to the London Dungeon.

London Dungeon Reviews

FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
229 reviews
Good fun during cold English weather Mar 10, 2014
It was my fiance's idead for me to try the London Dungeon. It was his second since during school days.

You cant miss this place when walking near the London Eye. We booked our tix online to avoid the long Q. Theres practically a long Q outside the building itself every night we passed it (perhaps it could be tourist peak period around NYE). Since there is a specific timing for entering the Dungeon, just inform one of their staff thats guarding the entrance of your tix timing so that they will tell you which or when to join the Q. It was winter so I dont fancy standing out in the cold for too long so we only joined the Q about 10 minutes before our scheduled time.

Basically we were grouped with a bunch of people as we entered & walk through the maze made up of many turns & rooms.

First stop : you get to pose at the props (a jail cage) & have your pic taken (by them). You will have to pay like 10 pounds per pic once you finish visiting the whole dungeon. You are not allowed to use your own camera.

The whole place is practically dark, I could barely see where I was going most of the time. At every stop point or room there will an actor/ actress telling you scary stories/ jokes about the dungeon & inviting 1 person of the entire group to participate in some of the "games" they play. Theres basically a lot of special effects this whole 1.5 hours.

For me the coolest was when we were seated at the bench and what felt like something moving underneath our bums! Theres also a boat ride called Henry's Wrath whereby we so called travel along the black Thames River.

At the end was the Drop Dead - Drop Ride. Be careful here as they will snap a pic of you when you least expected lol! We had a picture of me screaming which of course I have no intention of buying ;)

So its good fun to do this with friends or for families with teenagers or you just have a wacky sense of humour. Personally, I would have liked it better if I was still in school.

Do note that the ticket prices dont come cheap (it differs base on the timing), we paid between 37 to 41 pounds each for our tix maybe cos it was end of the Year prices thus more expensive than other times.
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Bojasem Bojasem
216 reviews
waste of time & money Sep 25, 2013
Riverside Building, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB, England (London Bridge you can came by Westminster metro station.).The London Dungeon was founded in 1974 by Annabel Geddes.The London Dungeon is a London one of the important tourist attraction in London.

Dungeon is splash ride ,acting ,up & down ride. in my opinion it do not worth the money it

too too too too expensive the splash ride can not compare with amazing splash ride in six flags or Disney land or universal studios or Europe park. the acting not interesting but sometimes funny when it suppose be horrific.the up & down ride the good point in the show

but in the bad luck it ruined in our turn so we hang in the height for 5 minutes until they fixed it.It cost 24 GB if you take it with package will be cheaper & I advise you book online to avoid the crowded line you maybe wait more than hour to enter..

it one of the most boring show .
London dungeon gate
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Si_7 Si_7
3 reviews
Not really scarey, but abit gruesome in places Jul 24, 2011
I cant say i quite recommend it, but its ok especially if you haven't visited London before and want to get a feel for roughly what it was like in that period. Its not really about education though, its more about scary bits and gory stuff. I wouldn't say it was that cheap either, but the prices could have changed now, so worth checking that if you are interested.

Onto some detail. When i first arrived there was a bit of a queue, nothing too bad because i went on a week day. When i did get to enter there was a photo opportunity for me to have my head in the stocks, only did this for my nieces amusement. We then went through to join a party of roughly 15-20 people, when we were taken through different stages of the experience. The most memorable of those was the boat ride and the old recreated London scene. Along the way there are actors doing various scary things, gave some of the kids a scare. The end is a bit scary, don't mind admitting that, although i wont spoil the surprise.

I should really also mention that my niece and I went on a hot day, it was very warm down in the dungeons and quite smelly as well. Maybe that is part of the attraction?

Quite a good experience overall, good if your new to London.
bigmanbozz bigmanbo…
6 reviews
A bit of a gimmick , well overpriced, but look if into brief history of london.if your struggling for ideas. May 09, 2011
Went here with my gf and my sister few weeks ago. Caught last show before closing so missed the huge queues . From start to finish this was an underwhelming experience. Being the last show the actors couldnt wait to get home, not even bothering to act properly rushing through the lines.

Also when done walked out the fire exits screaming thank god its over for today, bit of an experience killer.

THis is a tourist trap for those who want a small taste of london history, but to be honest you will feel ripped off and underwhelmed.
delicious-pursuit deliciou…
3 reviews
Educational and Scary enough for the kiddies Mar 21, 2011
I had expected more of the famous London Dungeons. I was ready to be scared out my mind, however it was more educational than it was scary. There were a few good obstacles though.

I'm the typ of person who wants to be really scared while going through these things so it didnt really cut it for, and it was quite expensive I thought. I think its more suitable for children/young teens in terms of scaryness or adults who are easily scared hehe, but... I learned a few things, and it had its scary moments with the rides they had.
bbrian bbrian
2 reviews
Lots of fun and no wordy walking! Jun 15, 2011
The London Dungeons were a lot better than I could have imagined. A lot of places rely on you to read everything about the subjects they're talking about. The Dungeons were different because stories are told by actors ALL the way through. There are some genuinely scary moments and some really amazing little surprises. I really recommend this to everyone
frivolousat25 frivolou…
16 reviews
Duh! Wudnt go again even if paid to do so!! Apr 15, 2011
This place was covered on my London Pass. But seriously? no idea why anyone would want to go here.

Its scary, granted. Its disgusting, granted. But there is no history worth listening to here.

The only disappointment in my trip.
mswim mswim
31 reviews
Mar 19, 2007
Against all of recommendations of my guide books, my group was dead set on visiting the London Dungeon. I had nothing better to do so I tagged along knowing that this would be lame and a waste of time. This is perhaps one of the biggest tourist traps I’ve ever visited—anywhere. Located near the London Bridge Underground, this attraction recreates some of the more gory historical events that have taken place here in London. Live actors complete with “disturbing” makeup retell the events in a scary yet interesting way.

The first thing you will encounter at the Dungeons, is the line that seems to last an eternity. This is due to the fact that only a certain amount of people is allowed into the building at a time. There are some sneaky waterworks that will appear to help pass the time and you are also given the opportunity to have your picture taken at a beheading before you can enter. We spent more time in line than we did inside the building and we weren’t there during peak season. I can only imagine how the lines would be during the summers.

Once you’re in the attraction you will encounter the Labyrinth of the Lost also known as a mirror maze. Visitors are left to find their way throughout the maze seeing their reflections surrounding them everywhere. Once you reach the exit point you are pulled aside (in a friendly manner) by one of the actors.

From the Labyrinth you are led to a room where you learn about the Great Plague of London. The plague devastated the city in 1665 and killed between 75,000 and 100,000 people, about a fifth of London’s population. It is here where you will also witness the “surgery” conducted by a doctor also plagued by, well, the plague. He demonstrates some of not-so-medicinal ways the Londoners thought would cure them of the plague.

Next you find yourself in a torture chamber of Newgate Prison where instruments line the walls. A member of the crowd is picked out at random to help the torturer demonstrate how each weapon is used.

My favorite part was the Traitor: Boat Ride of Hell, a boat ride which was often times very dark. From the line outside I could hear many people screaming, it is here where those screams came from. Despite this being the scariest part of the entire Dungeons, this too was rather tame. I’m not a fan of scary things like “haunted houses” or similar attractions and this was a walk in the park.

Other historical events you will learn about are Jack the Ripper and the Great Fire of London. The Jack the Ripper spectacular incorporates the discovery of mutilated bodies. It is deduced that these lives were the victim of the infamous killer.

I found this attraction to be a waste of time. I should have listened to my guidebook. However, it was an easy way to break up a day of serious sight seeing. The best part of the whole thing was watching one of my companions. She was skittish so we took advantage of this by randomly tapping her on the shoulder or making eerie noises when it got dark. I’m sure this annoyed some of the others but watching her was more entertaining than parts of the London Dungeons.
highlandmist says:
i agree! the dungeons were a complete time and money waster. the ride wasn't even operating the day we were there (it was a bitterly cold day in january so at least there was no line), it was down for repairs or some such. the actors were in our face at every turn and rather insulting at that, and had us looking for the exit less than 5 minutes into it, and it wasn't out of fear -- more like disgust!
Posted on: Dec 21, 2007
mswim says:
You're quite welcome, thanks for reading my review :)
Posted on: Dec 16, 2007
CFD says:
Thanks for confirming my guidebooks! I was walking past this on a stroll down the Thames and thinking about paying London Dungeon a visit, but luckily i didnt :)
Posted on: Dec 16, 2007
Tinktinkie Tinktink…
32 reviews
Silly fun in the Dungeon! Mar 28, 2004
First time in London and I decided to go and visit as many tourist attractions as possible. That had to include The London Dungeon. Honestly I had no idea what to expect because I have never been to anything like this before.

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I saw "The Great Fire", "The Great Plague", "Wicked Women", "Jack the Ripper”, “Blood & Guts Cafe “and the "Torture Chamber". I saw it all and had immense fun.

I must admit the one downside was that I did battle to understand the actors at times. But they were funny and made the experience enjoyable.

Outside you can buy souvenirs at the "Shop of Horrors". They have some funny things there.

Honestly if I am back in London I won't go there again. But if you are a first timer then go and see it....don't take it too serious and let the child in you have some fun.
Inside the London Dungeon.
Entrance to the London Dungeon.
The London Dungeon.
nadda nadda
13 reviews
Apr 17, 1998
This is a museum of simulated horror. I liked this museum very much because it was so much different from all the other museums I have visited. One thing that really surprised me about this museum was that there was no age limit to buy tickets. In the museum you get to see many different torture mechanisms from the past and while I was there they had a Jack the Ripper-theme. Very good

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