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Day 1 - In Search Of Nessie
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Jun 28, 2010
Today was the start of a 3-day driving tour of Scotland, and the chance to let Hannah see some of Scotland's epic countryside, …
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Leaving Inverness to find ourselves a monster!
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Oct 10, 2008 – Oct 14, 2009
We were up early.. well Matt was. But we were out of the hostel pretty quick the next morning. It was time for Ashley to l…
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Nov 29, 2007 – May 30, 2008
Urquhart Castle sits beside Loch Ness in Scotland along the A82 road, between Fort William and Inverness. It is close to the vi…
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This blog was featured on Saturday May 28th, 2011
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A weekend in Inverness and a catch up with my old man!
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Aug 26, 2012
I decided that I had to do something with my August bank holiday, after all I get 3 days off work yay! What could be better th…
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Meeting the monster
posted by:
May 14, 2010 – May 17, 2010
The tour continued. We passed Fort William, a loch (lake) named Loch Lochy (gheheh) and the mountain Ben Nevis, famous among cl…
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Loch Ness
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