Ljubljana Castle

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Castle Hill., Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Castle Reviews

Maurizioago Maurizio…
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The castle. Feb 20, 2018
The first construction of this castle began in the 9th century. Except the Chapel of S. George that was consecrated in 1489, the other buildings were built or rebuilt in the 16th and 17th centuries. The castle was used as fortress, garrison, prison and apartments block. Nowadays it is a site of exibitions, weddings and various cultural events.

Entering the castle area is free of charge. You have to pay a fee to climb the lookout tower and to watch the 3D show that is a good opportunity to know something about the city. From the top of the lookout tower you will enjoy the landscape over Ljubljana and surroundings.

Inside the castle there is a cafe, toilets and a souvenir shop.
Landscape from the castle.
Landscape from the castle.
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EmEm EmEm
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The Home of the Ljubljana Dragon Jun 29, 2016
Without visiting of the Ljubljana Castle is like you haven't been to Ljubljana. Here I have spent the most of my time in the town. In my opinion it is the most beautiful town's landmark, which offers a wonderful panoramic view of the town and its surroundings.

Ljubljana Castle( Castrum Leibach or in Slovene Ljubljanski grad) is situated on Castle Hill above the downtown of Ljubljana, from where leads several paths. It is a medieval fortress built as a defense structure probably in the 11th century and since then rebuilt several times. The majority of the buildings date to the 16th and 17th centuries and were gradually built. The castle's purpose was to defend the empire against peasant revolt. In 1974, a monument dedicated to the Slovene peasant revolts in 1515 and 1573( spomenik kmeckim uporom) was erected in the vicinity of the castle. In front of the castle is a parking.

Across the castle bridge you'll enter in the castle courtyard with a cafe and a restaurant, an info centre, a gallery with a permanent exhibition, a shop. The best view of the downtown is from the palatium on the first floor.

In the farthest corner of the courtyard is the castle's pentagonal viewingtower where is waving the flag with a dragon. Inside of it is a chapel from the 15th century in the basement. In the ground floor on the right was a prison and two levels up before you get out on the top of the tower, there is a girl selling tickets for the view from the tower. In the early 19th century, during the rule of the Austrian Empire, the castle served as a penitentiary. It was redesigned partially as a prison and partially as a military stronghold. In that time the castle was less popular among the citizens. Among the famous people who were jailed in the castle, was the Italian revolutionary Silvio Pellico, the Hungarian Prime Minister Lajos Batthyany and the Slovene author Ivan Cankar.

The castle started to lose its importance when a fortification in the area was no longer required. As it was not a home of a ruler or another important noble person, in 1905 the castle become the property of Municipality of Ljubljana. Since 1963 preparations for renovation of the castle began and a city museum was establish in it with a promenade called Šance. It was designed by the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik, by who the Ljubljana airport was named after. Since 1990 it serves as a tourist attraction and a major cultural venue such as a place for weddings, celebrations and other cultural events.

The Castle funicular to the top of Castle Hill is in a serve since it was built in 2006 from Ljubljana downtown near the Central Market. It runs every ten minutes and the return ticket costs 4 euro.
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Ils1976 says:
a very belated congrats on this one Em! :)
Posted on: Sep 04, 2016
cimtech says:
Congrats on being featured, good to read the review !
Posted on: Aug 10, 2016
EmEm says:
@henleyscot- thank you
Posted on: Aug 03, 2016
WalterC WalterC
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Views alone are worth it! Nov 26, 2011
Located high above the city, and probably dating back to Roman times, Ljubljana Castle is worth the time and money, just for the views alone. You have 2 ways to get there. One is going up the hill by foot, and the other is by funicular, which costs some euros. There are trails leading to the castle, but they can be a bit steep. The funicular is an easier way, but you do have to pay.

Once there, you have some options. The trip to the top of the tower is enough reason for this visit, for nice views of Ljubljana. But you have to pay admission for that, at a ticket office, and go up some flights of stairs.

Other things in the castle include a restaurant, chapel, and museum. The chapel is worth checking out, and a good place to rest your sore feet. And the museum is short but okay, as it gives a quick summary on the history of Slovenia. And the museum part is only worth going if you won’t have time for other museums in the city.

If you have time for only one thing at the castle, it would definitely be the climb to the top of the tower. Worth the time and money.
trail to the top
castle entrance
view of Ljubljana
view of the castle grounds
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monkeymia79 says:
The chapel is stunning, thanks for the recommendation Walter.
Posted on: Mar 28, 2016
jenniferhibbard says:
Good review!
Posted on: Sep 26, 2012
Vipin Vipin
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Nice views! Oct 14, 2011
Situated in the older and more historic part of Ljubljana, the castle is perhaps the city’s most famous tourist attraction. Although the castle dates from the medieval period and was governed by various dukes, it has received various makeovers and much of it was rebuilt during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. During the nineteenth century, the castle was partly redeveloped to house prisoners and also served as a military stronghold (though I thought castles were meant to do that anyway!).

Despite the background and beauty, I have mixed feelings about the castle. On the plus side, the views are fantastic from the top. However, the castle is a bit disjointed and lacks a true sense of unity and historic atmosphere. It had more of a theme park feel to it, and I was just hopping from the tower to the chapel to the exhibitions and so forth.

Tickets are fairly well priced, and were approximately 4-6 Euros at the time I was there. For 2 Euros extra, you can get a ticket that allows you to take the funicular train back down to the centre of Ljubljana. Although I wasn’t majorly impressed with this place, the views are great from the site and it is important to see at least one of the city’s most touristy/iconic sites if you are visiting there!
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Vipin says:
the views were def worth it here!
Posted on: Oct 28, 2011
TravChef says:
I love visiting castle! I was in Les Chateau de la Loire last time in France and very much appreciate it.
Posted on: Oct 27, 2011
ejstravels ejstrave…
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Ljubljana Castle Apr 19, 2009
Really beautiful castle! When we went it was free, but I think there is a little train you can take around that costs money. There is a movie in the tower that is 3D and pretty hilarious to watch so I would reccomend it.
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Eric Eric
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Jul 14, 2006
It's a bit of a walk to hike up the hill where the castle is, and there isn't a whole lot to see once you get to the top, but Ljubljana Castle is well worth visiting for the great views of the city itself. Once you get to the top, you have a 360 degree view of the city, and it is probably one of the more charming cityscapes around.

One thing that I thought was pretty cool: while admiring the view, somebody asked the tour guide "Why aren't there any houses on the hills? In America those would be the most expensive houses and have the best views!" The tour guide responded that the hills looked prettier without houses on them, and as such they didn't build houses on them! Don't know if that's true or not, but it makes for a good story, and illustrates a different way of looking at things.
Sunset view.
Castle courtyard.
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