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San Francisco, California

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m49erfan m49erfan
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Jun 18, 2007
Okay, maybe I'm biased, but living in San Francisco is the best thing ever. I dream about the days when I can move back there. First of all, you'll never run out of things to do. They have everything from museums and opera to kayaking and sailing and everything in between. My favorite museum is the Asian Art Museum located in the Civic Center. It was curated by the same person who did the Musee D'Orsay (sp??) in Paris. My favorite outdoor activity is to go mountain biking up above the Golden Gate Bridge and look out over the city. You can ride across and then take in the view from the mountains which are untouched by homes or buildings. Then maybe bike down to Sauselito and view SF from there. So peaceful. If you're a runner, there are two great runs, one along Fishermans Wharf and of course Golden Gate Park (which, in my opinion, puts Central Park to shame, but I'm biased).

Then of course there is nightlife, which is an absolute blast at all times. North Beach is probably my favorite because you can start out at one of the Italian restaurants (I highly recommend Trattoria Contodina) and then go to one of the night clubs. There is a whole strip (I can't remember the street name, shoot) that has tons of nightclubs. They aren't snobby and exclusive, but they definitely aren't shady either. You can always get in. Sometimes there's a long wait, but only because it's crowded. But that's what I love about SF. Everyone belongs, no one will look at you weird for not having the "right" outfit. Hell, they don't care if you don't wear anything at all! Anyway, Marina is a good spot to hang out. They are more of a college scene, but still pretty fun and they have more mellow bars, not really as nightclub-like so I enjoy that place too.

If you want a good neighborhood to live in, I would suggest either Pacific Heights (if you have some extra cash to throw around, but remember, RENT CONTROL) if you want a quiet, safe, peaceful part of town but be within walking distance of everything. There is also Nob Hill, which is almost in the dead center of SF and in the heart of everything. It's not as expensive, but still very high class. This is where you can get a spacious one bedroom for as little as $1500 (that's pretty good in SF) in one of the nicest areas of town. Parking is really really bad in this area, though. Just to warn you.

Every person you cross in SF is a potential friend. San Franciscans mind there own business, but are also very friendly and open. It can feel like a small town because you can run into people you know any given night you're out. But it's most certainly a big city because only those you choose know anything about your personal life. It's been called the most European city in the U.S. I'm not exactly sure what that means. Maybe it's that its liberal. Maybe it's because its got a wonderful melting pot of Europeans. I'm not sure. I live in Europe and I don't know of any city like San Francisco here. But I do know that Europeans absolutely love it when they visit. A lot move there and feel very at home.

Remember, SF is only a 40 minute drive to world class wineries, a 2 hour drive from world class ski resorts, it's right next to the beach, and it's also the most amazing city in the world. I'm so happy for you/jealous that you get to live there. And once you go there, you won't ever leave. You'll always be a San Franciscan!

P.S. If you're a conservative, you may find it difficult to live there because, yes, it's true, the place is totally dominated by left-wing liberals.
moshers_moll says:
What a great review! Very informative. I am looking forward to visiting SF even more now, thanks! :-)
Posted on: Jun 21, 2009
drewshafer says:
Hey, thanks so much for your comment and the great description of living in SF. Exactly what I was looking for. Sounds like you love it there, and that there’s lots to love. I may be heading there in the fall to seriously look into a move…I’ll keep you posted. Are there any down sides to this fabulous city?!
Posted on: Jun 19, 2007
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