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Claymoss Road, Brighton, MA, USA
Living in Brighton, MA - Ais and Me in The Avenue, Allston
Living in Brighton, MA - Cat, Me and Ferg in The Avenue, Allston
Living in Brighton, MA - Ciara, Cat, Me and Sean in Jose McIntyre's, Boston
Living in Brighton, MA - Me in The Avenue, Allston (our regular haunt)
Living in Brighton, MA - Me, the lads and Sean's cousins in their home in South Boston

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joelennon joelennon
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Apr 02, 2007
I lived in Brighton, MA for six months last year while on a student work placement with Fidelity Investments, and I thought I'd post some tips for anyone who's doing something similar and is considering living in Brighton.

Brighton is a suburb of Boston, and is only a 15 minute journey by car from downtown Boston. However, it is unlikely that you will be driving to town, and you will probably be travelling on the T, Boston's metro/light rail system. Unfortunately, Brighton is on the Green T line, which is the busiest and slowest of them all, and it takes roughly 45 minutes to get from Park Street station in downtown to Washington Street stop in Brighton.

The heart of Brighton is referred to by locals as Brighton Center, and here you will find a variety of pubs, convenience stores, and some restaurants. There are several Irish pubs in Brighton, the Green Briar, Devlin's, The Corrib, The Last Drop being the ones I visited most frequently. Most serve a good bar menu and serve what is probably the best food available in Brighton. Most other restaurants are diner-style or take-away.

There is a CVS pharmacy, several convenience stores and liquor stores, as well as other basic amenities here. It is a nice enough place, but don't expect to be blown away. On the other side of Brighton, around the Commonwealth Avenue area, there is a Wholefoods Market, the supermarket with the best food around. There is a Shaw's in nearby Watertown, but unless you're American I reckon you'll find Wholefoods more to your taste. It's more expensive but it's worth it.

Also in this area are several take-away and dry cleaning offerings. Chang's Chinese takeaway doesn't look great but it is delicious, and I frequently got my dinner from here. Pizzanini is the best pizza joint in Brighton and is on the Wholefoods side of Comm. Ave.

Generally Brighton is quiet and is a nice place to live. We lived in a two family home on Claymoss Road. This was a very nice street, a 2 minute walk from Comm Ave and the T stop, and a 5 minute walk from Brighton Center. You will probably need a car, however, as for anything other than the basics you'll have to travel. Luckily there is a Shaw's, Target, Best Buy, CompUSA and two malls in nearby Watertown. There's also a McDonalds restaurant here.

The nightlife is very quiet in Brighton, and you'll likely take the T four stops down to Allston. If you're attracted to the buzz of Allston I would still recommend living in Brighton as from what I've heard it is very noisy all the time and crime is quite high in Allston. If you get off the T at Harvard Avenue, you'll find decent pubs/clubs such as The Avenue ($1 beers 7 days a week), The Kell's, The Wonder Bar (expensive but lively) and more.

Brighton is conveniently close to the Mass Pike (I-90), and you can easily get to the I-95 via Newton. Cambridge and Newton have some excellent malls and restaurants and are easily accessible by car. The only major problem I have with Brighton is the length of the T journey to downtown. It takes roughly 45 minutes which is far too long considering it is only a journey of a couple of miles.

The year before last I lived in Somerville near Cambridge, and while it was far quieter, it was much more convenient. We were near Porter Square T station, on the red line, which was 15-20 minutes from downtown, and 10 minutes from Cambridgeside Galleria, an excellent mall. We also got a much better house for the same money bracket here, and were only a 10 minute walk from Harvard University, which is a truly beautiful area.

In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed living in Brighton, particularly because a lot of my friends were also living there for the six months. If I was to go back I would definitely live in Somerville though. If anyone has any questions about living in Brighton or indeed moving from Ireland to MA for six months, please feel free to ask!

Unfortunately I haven't quite gotten around to uploading pics to TravBuddy yet, so for now if you want to check out pics of my trip to Boston, visit my Flickr site:

Most of the pics are of nights out so don't be disappointed by the lack of sights!
Ais and Me in The Avenue, Allston
Cat, Me and Ferg in The Avenue, Al…
Ciara, Cat, Me and Sean in Jose Mc…
Me in The Avenue, Allston (our reg…
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