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Toma2588 Toma2588
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Lithuanian Nature Feb 07, 2011
I thought I need to write a proper review about Lithuania. I am originally from there and think that people who have not been there or are planning to go, need a bit more info about it.

Originally I went there in July 2010 which is already the start of summer in Lithuania and just so happens to be one of the hotest. Lithuania is usually known for it's cold winter's and autumns, where it can go down to -30, but what people don't actually realise, is that it get's very hot in summers too! This year it was 40+ celcius every single day!

We 1st booked a simple villa next to the lake near "Moletai". Our friend booked it through a website online. You also get pictures, prices per person or per night and what the price includes. It's good to have more than one option just in case the plans change and you can always call them up if you have any more questions. We were going on a budget, so we did not want to rent out an expensive villa for 2 days next to the lake. But we found a villa with 9 beds ( 2 beds downstairs and 7 upstairs) for 100Lt (Litas) for 2 nights, which comes to about £20 for 2 people. You basically cater yourself and they provide you with fire wood and a villa to stay in.

The lake was beautiful. It seemed as if there was a mirror placed on the water and it reflected all the trees with the sunset. When your surrounded in nature, you can just relax and unwind. It's also very nice at night to sit near the lake and gaze up at the stars, you won't believe how many you see...

Overall, if you are looking to rent out a villa next to the lake, I would suggest paying that little bit extra eg, £50 for 2 nights, but it will be well worth it. People do speak english in Lithuania, but smaller places with cheaper rent tend to be villagers who lack in english language. While you would find it much easier with serviced villas, who are more professional and will be able to guide you as well.

Another place worth visiting is "Belmontas" which is located in Vilnius. It's truly a magical place. You have flowing rivers with bridges and amazing food. There is also a hotel there for those who wish to experience the most of Belmontas. Weddings and other parties usually take place inside the hotels 12 different halls. You can book a room or just read a bit more about it on their website We climbed the "Puckoriu Atodanga" and the view from the top was just amazing. It was full of Green trees and roof tops way from above.If you feel like taking a walk, this is the perfect picturesque place to do so. They even have maps to guide you around the area and see amazing views day and night since it's open from 12:00 until midnight. It's worth renting a car to get here, because no buses go directly to Belmontas. Or you can always get a taxi which should cost you roughly maximum of 25litas which is roughly £6-7. It depends on what are your plans for the day, but a half day at Belmontas should be enough to see everything and have something to eat there also.

I also went to "Gelos" (transaltion: Pain) lake - 2 km east of Nemenčinės (Nemenčinės forest)Near the lake is the village of Freshwater, where the water is crystal blue and you can see your feet! The coordinates to find this lake are: 54 ° 50'59 "N pl. 25 ° 30'26" E long.

The lake is sand throughout and it has it's own mud baths, which you can get in to. It's very healthy for your skin, so people end up smudging the mud all over their body including their faces! It lovely if you can spend your whole day there, just relaxing by the water and enjoying the natural mud baths. Or if you feel like taking a swim it's a nice place to go to also for quick 1-2 hours.

This is only a tiny bit of what Lithuania has to offer. But since I've been to all those places this summer, I thought it would be useful for others to know too.

If you have any questions or just want to find out more, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to let you in on Lithuania's natural beauty :) I hope you found this useful.
View of the lake near Moletai
Ducklings near the lake of Moletai
Toma2588 says:
Na kaip pnvzy buvau tai ant pavesio 42 buvo visa savaite, neimanoma buvo buti visishkai. O kai vilniuje buvom tai irgi ziauriai karshta buvo iki pat ishvaziavimo!
Posted on: Sep 11, 2010
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dieforu dieforu
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Sep 21, 2007
hii dear friends,

lithuania is really nice country that worths to visit.Its easy to see all the country from one end to the other one.There is one highway so easy to travel it without being lost.In Vilnus u should see the oldtown is marvelous,and one of the biggest well-protected old town i have seen.Also try to go to Trakai with the old castle and if u are lucky gonna watch the Knights-fighting show!Also nice to see is Klaipeda,the seaside town,while u have been there is really close u can go to Palanga also.I have been there in August and even im from Mediterranean and they say is cold the watter at Baltic's i swim in the sea.From Klaipeda u must go also to Nida,is so nice small seaside town.Try to drink every kind of different type beers they got!!also in klaipeda u can try some Russian cuisine and real home made vodka also.But be sure except of the young people not everybody speaks English!
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