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A land of ethnic traditions, filled with centuries of history ranging from its days as an empire stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, Lithuania is a country rich with folklore dating back over the years, allowing travelers the opportunity to catch a glimpse of life as it used to be in medieval times. Situated between Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Russia, Lithuania is a Baltic country with a varying degree of topography and geography, depending on what part of the country you happen to be. From the western coastlines along the sea, to the Aukstaitija Highlands of the Northeastern part of the country, Lithuania is a country teeming with diversity.

One of the most active members of the European Union, Lithuania gained independence from Russia back in 1990. It is currently part of the Schengan group of European countries, and is considered approachable for all levels of travelers. The country combines ancient history and ethnic folklore traditions with modern culture and technology, creating a unique feel that is all its own. From the cultural melding of traditions in the capital city of Vilinus, with its cobbled streets and internet cafes, to the night-life of Palanga along the coast, or the Aukstaitija National Park, there is literally something for everyone.

Along with the pagan traditions and folklore that make Lithuania such a mystical country is the beauty of the natural surroundings. Lithuania is arguably one of the most scenic countries in Europe, with some of the most pristinely-untouched countryside to be found. Lakes, mountains, forests, ancient ruins and more, this is an outdoor-enthusiast’s paradise. On the flip side, however, the cities themselves are as modern as they come, with accommodations and amenities that are similar to most other European cities. Public transportation is safe and reliable, and there are also plenty of bicycle routes for cycling enthusiasts. The food is typical of the region, with plenty of meat and potatoes and spices, and Lithuanians have a proud heritage of brewing, which means you can sample some of the tastiest beers in Europe during your stay.

Vilnius #1 most popular location
Lithuania’s capital, the ancient city of Vilnius is slowly climbing in the world of Eastern European tourism, with centuries of varied and exotic architecture, a typically vibrant post-comm…
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Kaunas #2 most popular location
Kaunas is the second largest city of Lithuania and has approximatley 311.000 inhabitants. This city has historically been a leading center of Lithanian economic, academic and cultural life. …
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Klaipeda #3 most popular location
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Trakai #4 most popular location
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Druskininkai #5 most popular location
Druskininkai is one of few Lithuanian towns famous for multiple spa hotels and sanatoriums. It is very popular for couple to spend a romantic week-end, families with small children and elderl…
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Nida #6 most popular location
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Siauliai #7 most popular location
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Radviliskis #9 most popular location
Kretinga #10 most popular location
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Geographical centre of Europe (purnuskes) #15 most popular location
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