Lindisfarne Holy Island

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Lindisfarne, England
Lindisfarne Holy Island - The cover of the famous Celtic Lindisfarne Gospel
Lindisfarne Holy Island - Lindisfarne Priory
Lindisfarne Holy Island - Holy Island / Lindisfarne
Lindisfarne Holy Island - Holy Island / Lindisfarne
Lindisfarne Holy Island - The Priory
Lindisfarne Holy Island - Statue of Saint Aidan, the first religious inihabitant

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Holy Island / Lindisfarne Mar 09, 2017
Known both as Lindisfarne (the Celtic name) and Holy Island, this was one of the main centres of Christianity in the Dark Ages -- it was given to St. Aidan in 635 by Oswald, the King of Northumbria. St. Cuthbert lived and died here and his teachings attracted pilgrims from far and wide. It seems ideal for the monastic life, it's quiet and surrounded by an expanse of sand which is covered by tides twice a day -- visitors have to consult tide tables to check when it is safe to cross the causeway -- these tables are displayed at both ends of the causeway and also in shops and pubs etc nearby.

Also on the island is Lindisfarne Priory which was founded by the Bishop of Durham in 1083 and completed in 1140. Stones from the priory were used to start the building of a fort around 1540 at the south end of the island on a rocky crag known as Beblowe -- in 1902 it was bought by Edward Hudson who was the founder of the 'Country Life' magazine -- he commissioned the architect Edwin Luytens to convert it to a home -- he must have enjoyed fantastic views every morning when he awoke ...

Directions: On a minor road off the A1, south of Berwick-upon-Tweed
Holy Island / Lindisfarne
Holy Island / Lindisfarne
Lindisfarne Priory
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A mystical and ancient place Feb 29, 2008
A mystical and ancient place.

The delightful, unspoiled, historic island lies just off the extreme Northeast corner of England near Berwick-upon-Tweed. The small population of just over 160 persons is swelled by the influx of over 650,000 visitors from all over the world every year.

A tidal Island...

Its a tidal island in that access is by a paved causeway which is covered by the North Sea twice in every 26 hour period. You would be advised to call ahead if planning to visit so as to maximise your visiting time.

Lindisfarne versus Holy Island...

Locally the island is rarely referred to by its Anglo-Saxon name of 'Lindisfarne'. Following on from the murderous attack on the monastery by the Vikings in 793AD, it obtained its local name from the observations made by the Durham monks: 'Lindisfarne - baptised in the blood of so many good men - truly a 'Holy Island'. Its more appropriate title is 'The Holy Island of Lindisfarne'.

Lindisfarne is a place of uniqueness...

Lindisfarne is internationally famous both for its medieval religious heritage and also its more recent picturesque 16th century castle. These, together with most of the community, are located on the Southern part of the island - the main focus for tourists and holidaymakers. Many are also attracted by the peace and tranquility which pervades the Island and the remote Northern conservation area, with more than its fair share of quiet beaches and unique natural history

The first known religious settler (there have been people on the island for the past 10,000 years!) was Saint Aidan, an Irish monk who had travelled there from Iona in Scotland (another 'Holy Island').

The place just oozes history and if that's your 'bag' or if early eccleisiastical architecture or the early Christian church interests you then this is definately the place to go.

Do make sure about the tides though. I was there last April and we were limited to 2 hours due to the tides. Not long enough for such a rich landscape.
The Priory
Statue of Saint Aidan, the first r…
The cover of the famous Celtic Lin…

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