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Prounounced "Lye-ma" Ohio, this city is the county seat of Allen County in northwestern Ohio.

Lima benefited from increased production during World War II and a growing population, but suffered a significant economic decline at the end of the decade when industry retooled for peacetime production. In May 1941, construction began on a government-owned plant to manufacture centrifugally cast gun tubes. In November 1942, United Motors Services took over operation of the plant to process vehicles under government contract. The plant prepared many vehicles for Europe, including the M5 light tank and the T-26 Pershing tank. At its peak during the war, the Lima Tank Depot (now known as the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center and operated by General Dynamics), employed over 5,000 people. Lima continues to manufacture tanks for the current war in the Middle East. President George W. Bush visited the plant in 2000.

Lima's oil history began in 1885, and became known as the "Oil Boom of Northwest Ohio." A refinery, Lima Refinery, has been in the city since the early 1900's. British Petroleum (BP) had ownership of the refinery for several years before giving up ownership to Clark USA in 1998. It has since changed owners.

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