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Lillestrøm Overview

Lillestrøm is a city situated approximitly 15min (or ca.18km)north of Oslo. It earned it's status as a city in 1997, and has grown bigger for every year since then.
It has lots of places to eat and drink,several pubs/clubs, several hotels, cinema, theathre, conferencecenter, fair etc.
The Gardemoen airport and Oslo is very close by, thanks to a lot of traintraffic. 12minutes to both airport and Oslo.

The most of the city consists of woodenhouses with gardens, whilst the center is mostly new buildings.
In 2010 the mainstreet was done reconstructed and is now used as a "parade"street, no cars allowed.

There is also a shoppingmall and a square, where there is lots of different happenings throughout the year. The biggest and most important happening is the annual townfestival (which started in 1997), which is set in june. Then it's lots of free concerts all over town, shows, markets etc for 4-5days. And people come from all over to enjoy the great atmosphere which the townfestival gives.

The footballteam in town is called Lillestrøm Sportsklubb (LSK) or as we say in norwegian "Fugla" (birds).

It's also possible to take nice walks along the riverside, with lots of benches and green grass, allthough it's not possible to swim in the river, it's too dirty.