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#1 of 55 hotels in Lhasa
Biedjee says: "I wasn't really planning on reviewing any accommodation in Tibet, since independ..."
#2 of 55 hotels in Lhasa
RHarrison says: "This hotel is situated inside an old monastery, and it's retained a lot of the q..."
#3 of 55 hotels in Lhasa
VanessaMunYee says: "There weren't many good and luxury hotel in Lhasa, Tibet. We were so glad to be ..."
#4 of 55 hotels in Lhasa
lewellyn says: "We had a really enjoyable stay in this hotel, we had no complaints of a serious ..."
Average Rate
#5 of 55 hotels in Lhasa
sweettangerine says: "As we were originally supposed to stay at the New Mandala hotel in Lhasa, I didn..."
#6 of 55 hotels in Lhasa
gingerbatik says: "This hotel is part of the Lhasa tour package I booked from the travel agency ca..."
#7 of 55 hotels in Lhasa
portia says: "We stayed 4 nights at this hotel during our trip. It definitely has a great loca..."
#8 of 55 hotels in Lhasa
The Tashi Choten Hotel Zhaxiquta Jiudian is about a ten-minute walk from the Potala Palace and also within easy reach of the p...
#9 of 55 hotels in Lhasa
The Dongcuo Int'l Youth Hostel is located in central Lhasa and is within a 10 minute walk from Muru Nyingba Monastery and Jokhan...
Average Rate
#10 of 55 hotels in Lhasa
This hotel is close to many Lhasa accommodations. The Lhasa Jiangsu Ecological Garden Hotel is close to Potala Palace and many o...
Average Rate
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