Les Grottes de Naours

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Rue des Carrières 5, Naours, France
www.grottesdenaours.com - 33 (0)3 22 93 71 78

Les Grottes de Naours Reviews

Lavarne Lavarne
6 reviews
Underground city Aug 03, 2010
When arriving at the entrance of Les Grottes de Naours, you wouldn't notice there is a whole city under your feet. The tour is audio-guided with easy-to-use devices and it starts right after entering.

It starts above the ground with an introduction of Naours and how it came to be, that this town was in need of shelter underground. Battles and wars had driven the people in hiding, so it was decided to make the best of it.

When entering the underground city, it gets colder and colder while going deeper into the ground. I lost track of how deep I was, and was amazed by the city. Straight paths with rooms on each side, stairs going up and down and tunnels leading you into the hill, under the city. Smart contraptions that would keep the people safe from invaders and keep them hidden as well. And it's not even claustrofobic. Several rooms can be quite small, but some are enormous. There is one particular room, which I found unbelievable. It goes all the way up for what looked like 20 meters, and it's about 10 meters wide. The ceiling you see, is the floor of a building on top of it. Build to hide the underground city.

It's hard to believe that in all those years, people actually lived down here. But then again, it isn't.
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