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114 North Wenatchee Avenue
lemolocafeanddeli.com - (509) 664-6576
Lemolo Cafe & Deli - Outside Lemolo Cafe & Deli
Lemolo Cafe & Deli - Lemolo is named after a nearby Double Black Diamond Run!
Lemolo Cafe & Deli - The exhaustive menu board!  Can't find something here?  You've eaten brainwashed by McDonald's about what's good food.
Lemolo Cafe & Deli - Several of the home-brewed hot sauces available at your table.
Lemolo Cafe & Deli - The Soup of the Day?  Apple Onion!
Lemolo Cafe & Deli - The pizza to die for...Salmon Caesar Pizza!
Lemolo Cafe & Deli - Spicy Hawaiian Pizza!  Basically Pineapple, Ham and Chipotle!

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An End to Brown Bag Boredom or How a Little Cafe in Washington Made Lunch a Superstar! Sep 10, 2008
Being a stranger in a strange land has its ups and downs. The headache that I hooked up with during my friend's wedding reception in Wenatchee, Washington had happily perched itself on the 'down' side of the list. Bending my headache over its knee and teaching it a lesson was a little cafe that I stumbled upon while mindlessly wandering around quaint, downtown Wenatchee waiting for my friend to guide me and my sad little rental car via phone to her parent's house in the nearby mountains.

During my, let's call my particular walking style at that point a stroll, I happened across a nifty little cafe/deli that eminated the smell of pizza. For those that have never witnessed what my friends call the 'primal ceremonial feast' and what I call simply 'me eating a pizza', you'll understand just how much I love my doughy, cheese-laden friend from overseas...the pizza.

Lemolo Cafe & Deli smacked of freshness even before you entered the little storefront restaurant. Bright colors, happily chatting customers and genuinely happy staff made most of my headache go away almost immediately. What made it go away completely was the menu.

Prices at the Lemolo Cafe & Deli completely vanquished any sloggy remains of the night before. This place is VERY reasonable. Sandwiches are comparable in price to Subway. The difference at Lemolo is that the quality and combinations of ingredients far exceeds anything cranked out by Subway's 'Sandwich Artists'.

For about ten minutes me and my salivatory gland sang a duet of love and admiration that dripped longingly out the corner of my mouth as I just sort of stared at the menu selections. Being the kind of person who is constantly open to trying new foods and drink regardless of what they'll do to me and my digestive system, I found something even for me and my chorus of jaded tastebuds.

After seeing it listed, I just had to start lunch with a bowl of Apple Onion Soup. While they only list French Onion on their menu, they continually change their soup of the day. Feel lucky if your trip coincides with the day they decide to serve this particular recipe. At first I didn't think that the two main ingredients would love each other the way they did. Apples and onions just don't seem like good playmates. Surprisingly the soup was fairly good. Onions won the battle for balance, though. If the famous Washington apple flavor would peek out just a little bit more, Lemolo would have a distinctive recipe to call its own.

For the main course, I ordered the Salmon Caesar Pizza. After taking the first bite of this unique combination, my tastebuds began texting my brain the phrase 'OMG!' over and over again. Over the years I've seen lots of attempts at slapping salmon on a pizza. It has NEVER been as good as the recipe that Lemolo is dishing out! This pizza is AMAZING! To make sure I wasn't biased, I shared a piece with a friend who'd joined me for the trip. This particular friend HATES, ABHORS and NAYSAYS every new thing she tries (ESPECIALLY when it involves seafare) with the poetic phrase 'Ewwww.' Not this time. Her eyes lit up and she proclaimed this probably the best pizza she's EVER had! If only I could make you understand just how much this particular person's proclamation means, you'd grasp just how good this pizza is.

My friend had ordered the Spicy Hawaiian (which was also another great combination of ingredients) but couldn't keep her body from grabbing at my pizza (and no, that's not a euphimism for anything)!

During the course of our lunch, the staff spent time talking with the children that'd come in, their patrons, making sure we had what we needed and just seemed relaxed and friendly.

When we finally got up to pay, we realized we never even bothered looking at the amazing pastry/bread/dessert case! I'm not going to spoil it for you, just make sure that you don't forget to check the case before you head out. There are some amazing cookies, pastries and seriously good stuff in that case just waiting to help unleash your inner fat kid.

About nine people run the Lemolo Cafe & Deli kind of like a collective. The three people we saw were all very friendly, polite and made my hangover extremely bearable.

Next time you find yourself wandering the streets of little downtown Wenatchee, do yourself and the little friends you call your tastebuds a favor by visiting Lemolo's Cafe & Deli. Until you exhaust their menu, lunch will never be the same again.

Take care,

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Outside Lemolo Cafe & Deli
Lemolo is named after a nearby Dou…
The exhaustive menu board! Can't …
Several of the home-brewed hot sau…
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