Leicester National Space Centre

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Exploration Drive, Leicester, United Kingdom

Leicester National Space Centre Reviews

matthew matthew
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The National Space Centre Mar 17, 2009
The price is ok as it is an annual ticket i.e. free entry for every time you visit within the year, but if t's a one-off visit, I would say it's a touch expensive for what you get.

There isn't a lot of content in all fairness and only infact only contains one space suit from Helen Sharman (the first woman in space, and she was British), a rocket that never made it into space, fragments of failed manufactured satelites, and a small chunk of moon rock. It does, however, hold a huge amount of information which is great for school excursions or those who desire an introduction to the Astronomical World, but for everyone else, it is a bit too basic. There isn't much detail in any of the scientific information and it is designed more for children than adults.

You can pay an extra 3 pounds to sit in the iMax and watch a short film on space history with commentary from Ewan McGregor, but after doing this, I came out without any further knowledge. In fact, if you read the information on hand at the centre, there would be little point in watching the film at all, other than having a sit down.

After saying all that, it would be a good (not great) place for families or groups of children as there is a good amount of general information and an interactive learning zone to make it a bit more fun.
matthew says:
Yeah I did see all that, but didn't think much to it to be honest. The whole place was no comparison to the stuff I've seen in America and so I called it quits. In all fairness, the masses of school kids were doing my head in, so maybe on a quieter day I might have been more up for it, but not on this visit.
The simulator ride was ok, but the astronaut training didn't do much for me. Each to their own
Posted on: Aug 13, 2009
Trinitytrashuk says:
No idea where you were visiting, but when you say "only contains one space suit from Helen Sharman (the first woman in space, and she was British), a rocket that never made it into space, fragments of failed manufactured satelites, and a small chunk of moon rock" did you forget the only complete Soyuz Capsule on display, the Michael Collins space suit, the Apollo 11 fuel cell, the Space Shuttle bits, Thor Able, Blue Streak (when the UK led the world in space exploration), the toilet from MIR... the list goes on. Think you must have had your eyes closed!

Had a great day there, bought a day pass and got a free annual pass to go back on Star Wars weekends and Robot Wars Championships!

The simulator ride and the astronaut training section on there own are worth the £12 I paid, with the 360 theatre as well this place is amazing!
Posted on: Aug 13, 2009
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lizalcott lizalcott
6 reviews
Step Into Space... Without Leaving The Planet! Aug 11, 2008
As you stroll up the Space Centre you really do feel overwhelmed by the futuristic "bubble wrap" like building in front of you, its unlike anything ive seen before. Upon entering things are still looking as good as they were outside, in the foyer there are rockets and miniature sputniks circling overhead.

There are plenty of interactive things to do, including seeing a thermal heat image of yourself, building rocket puzzles and imitating weather patterns with a giant glass sphere, but it is sad to say that the majority of displays are static, and non interactive which takes the educational factor down to boring again!

Moving further around there is a full circle dome cinema, which is actually pretty captivating. Watching the stars and planets above your head from the comfort of your Leicester based seat is something pretty special.

There seems to be a lack of American space exhibits here, most of the equipment is Russian, but nether the less there is a lots to look at. You can see and touch an Iron Meteorite which seemed to be popular with children, along with the water rockets and the "Satelite Zoo" (a display of many different satelites through the ages.)

The cafe sells a range of average priced snacks and drinks, nothing special or out of the ordinary. There is also a giftshop selling science and space based memorabillia, toys and stationary.

Id say this is the perfect winter tourit attraction, as it is indoors shelterd from the unpredictable English weather, and fairly cheap around the seasonal "hard times"!

All in all its a place definatley worth the visit, especialy if you have children or you are a complete space enthusiast!
The Space Centre in all its futuri…

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