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Ladakh, India

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mystery mystery
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Leh Ladakh Road Trip! Jun 10, 2015
Dear Friends,

Here is my travelogue of Leh-Ladakh trip which many help many of you in planning this great trip in future -

Day 1 -

Location - Greater Noida to Patnitop;

Distance Covered - 700 kms;

Hotel Taken - Patnitop Heights;

Other Places Visited - Nathatop.

Day 2 -

Location - Patnitop to Pehalgam;

Distance Covered - 170 kms;

Hotel Taken - Island Resort;

Other Places Visited - Betab Valley, Aaru Valley, Chandan Valley.

Day 3 -

Location - Pehalgam to Gulmarg;

Distance Covered - 140 kms;

Hotel Taken - Gulmarg INN;

Other Places Visited - Fentain, Khilalmarg, Kangdoor, Afarbatt.

Day 4 -

Location - Gulmarg to Srinagar;

Distance Covered - 50 kms;

Hotel Taken - Heemal INN;

Other Places Visited - Dal Lake, Mughal Gardens, Hazrat Bal.

Day 5 -

Location - Srinagar to Lamayuru;

Distance Covered - 310 kms;

Hotel Taken - Moon Palace;

Other Places Visited - Sonmarg, Drass, Kargil.

Day 6 -

Location - Lamayuru to Diskit Gompa;

Distance Covered - 225 kms;

Hotel Taken - Olthang;

Other Places Visited - Magnetic Hill, South Pullu, Khardungla Pass, North Pullu.

Day 7 -

Location - Diskit Gompa to Leh;

Distance Covered - 140 kms;

Hotel Taken - Dragon;

Other Places Visited - Nubra Valley, Hunder (Camel Safari), Khardong, Shey Monastery, Shanti Stupa.

Day 8 -

Location - Leh to Pangong Tso;

Distance Covered - 170 kms;

Hotel Taken - Wonderland Camps;

Other Places Visited - Chang La, Lukung, Thicksey, Hemis,

Day 9 -

Location - Pangong Tso to Srinagar;

Distance Covered - 640 kms;

Hotel Taken - Hotel Malik;

Day 10 -

Location - Srinagar to Greater Noida;

Distance Covered - 890 kms;

Hotel Taken - Hotel Malik;

Total distance covered during the trip = 3400+ kms


Zojila Pass...
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Apurva_N Apurva_N
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The Tibet of India Jul 28, 2013
Leh, and Ladakh generally, are fascinating ... you find a real glimpse of Tibet ... do take your time here ... if you flew in from the plains, and did not come up gradually, acclimatisation is a real issue ... you are likely to be down with nausea and headache for a couple of days ... take deep breaths, drink water, rest and eat light ... do check out the lovely little German bakery in town for a quiet sit down ... and don't forget to say hello to the lone monk boy in a monastery that you suddenly spot after you have trudged miles with nothing in sight ...
ivy76 ivy76
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The Himalayan Adventure Apr 03, 2012
Why Ladakh? It was purely a spur of the moment thing. Where I really wanted to go to this summer was Amsterdam to try to smoke pot legally! But, I left it far too late and the fare's already too expensive. Will try again in April. :))

My friends Jacob and Asha suggested if I'd like to go with them to Ladakh. He was fascinated about the place after reading about it in one of his books in the bookshop. I thought why not, it would be something different.

Different it was indeed. June to September is supposed to be the best time to go there. Temperature in the morning is about 16-20 degree celsius and drops down to about 5-2 degree celsius at night. Obviously, warm clothes are a must and also sunscreen. As they always say, it's a place where you can get sunburn and frostbite both at the same time.

Another thing we had to consider was the risk of altitude sickness as Ladakh is over 11,000 feet. Flying to Delhi to Leh airport doesn't allow us to gradually adjust to the altitude. When we arrived, we were instructed to take things easy and rest for one whole day to acclimatized. Any moderate to strenuous activity can be fatal. Bad news for honeymooners!

We took Acetazolamide a day before, hoping to prevent Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). It is a diuretic so alcohol should not be taken with it because it may cause further dehydration.

As soon as we arrived at the airport, I immediately felt shortness of breath. I thought it was just my imagination. I tried not to think too much about it because I didn't want to panic and most of all since we were only there for four days I could not afford to be a woos and miss all the fun.

First day, I was disoriented, clumsy (I almost fell off the steps!), I was nauseous, I had a splitting headache and I was panting after walking 300 meters on a slightly elevated footpath...believe me, I'm not exaggerating! At dawn, I would wake up gasping for air, it was quite scary.

Second day, AMS or no AMS we hit the road. We drove to 5 different monasteries and to Leh palace. We could not believe how they built these monasteries. Most of them are so high up in the mountains and so far from civilization! Okay, the monks actually drive motorbikes these days but it leaves you wondering how the early lots used to live. I was disappointed to see only a few monks and they're also a bit camera shy. I talked to one monk and asked where the rest of them are, are they sleeping during midday? He looked at me as if I had two heads and laughed. He said a lot of them go to the villages to do some errands. We have to go there at 6 am if we want to see them praying and doing their daily routine.

The last monastery was Hemis. There were monks everywhere! Old, young, cute and very cute ones! :)) I was ecstatic to say the least. I went crazy with the camera and the good thing about the monks there was they loooove being photographed! They performed a religious dance and I was quite sure they were proudly showing off how good they could do it. Shame, there were no festivals when we were there, it would have been grand.

Third day was hair raising. If you've been a to a roller coaster ride you'll know what I mean, only this is the real thing. Hairpin bends and driving over 18,000 feet high. If you fall off the cliff, you'll be in ashes by the time you end up at the bottom. The roads are narrow and there are no railings. Our driver Gylpo of course does it all the time and looks like he's just driving us to the park while we were hanging on for our dear lives. It was a 5 hour stomach-churning drive to Pangong lake.

Jacob, Asha and I were probably the most talkative tourists Gylpo has ever had in his entire driving career. This is exactly what you need when you are going for a long ride - good company. I recommend that you go with your good friends and try not to be with somebody who's cranky, who whines and complains a lot. You don't want to be stuck with grumpy for 5 hours one way and another 5 on the way back! One more thing, this is also not the time to have an upset stomach. There are no toilets on the roads and the only place you can do your business is behind the big rocks on the side of the cliff!!

The long drive was tiring but it was really worth it not just because of the beautiful Pangong lake but also the view on the way is spectacular. There is no way to describe in words the feelings you experience cruising mountain roads, looking at some of the world’s tallest snow-capped peaks, high altitude sandy desert, wind in your hair and meeting locals who are very kind, courteous and always smiling.

Looking at the mountains makes you feel so minute. You cannot help but talk about God. It reminds me of one of my favorite verses in the Bible that says, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?
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fqtravel fqtravel
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Leh India Aug 01, 2011
Beautiful place with lots of hill side Adventure

>travel by road must

>very scenic on the way from Kashmir to Leh and also from Leh to Mananli.

>best time to visit May end to Sept

>Hotels good for 3* to budget traveler and bag packers
adventure tour companies for LEH
on the way from Kashmir to Leh
on the way from Kashmir to Leh
on the way from Kashmir to Leh
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