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Legoland Billund Reviews

cax cax
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Travel trhough time and space.... Apr 16, 2008
Legoland is build up entirely on Lego bricks and devided into 8 worlds. From Legoredo which is the country world where you can go gold digging to the Pirate Bay where you can fight pirates in shark haunted waters.

Legoland is a superb stimulation for the imagination - beeing it for a 5 year old as well as for an 85 year old. Activities and events are run everywhere.

I personally love the miniland where exact duplcates of real life buildings build in Lego bricks are set up. It's a fun way to explore the world and the wonders that can be made out of theese amazeing plastic bricks.

No matter what age you have no visit to Denmark is complete without haveing been to Legoland - but be aware - it's quite expensive and you should have a whole day at hand there.
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Marjis says:
I have to agree with you two. I spend a lot time with Legos and it was a bit odd because Lego was in our school more boys thing than girls (I am girl).
I will probably go to Legoland in July and I'm really excited about it!
Posted on: Jun 29, 2008
cax says:
hehe me to. As a kid I think I spend more time with my Lego then I did later on in school *LOL*
Posted on: Apr 16, 2008
Ape says:
Sigh. Lego will always have a soft spot in my heart. I would go as far as saying Lego partly made me the person I am now.

To do before I die!
Posted on: Apr 16, 2008
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Biedjee Biedjee
161 reviews
20 years too late, but still worth it Aug 21, 2008
Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to go to Legoland. As a kid I used to play with Lego a lot; I just loved the plastic bricks with which you could create anything your imagination (lego collection) would allow you.

Legoland is an amusement park obviously set up for young children, however, there is enough for adults to enjoy as well to warrant a visit.

The first half of the park is like a miniature park, like Madurodam or Miniatura. However, with an obvious twist -you guessed it- all the miniatures are built from lego bricks. There is a large section depicting various aspects of Danish life, including sections of Copenhagen, the royal palace and a true to scale exact copy of nearby Billund airport.

However, there are also other countries depicted, like Norway, Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands, all with some of those countries known sites rebuild to scale with lego bricks.

Further on are some bits of the US, with Hollywood, LA and Cape Canaveral, and, somewhat surprisingly, Japan.

All models contain many moving parts, like cars moving down the streets as if they are running freely, boats running along slightly less convincing cables, trains running along lego tracks and, most impressively several of the country expositions have working locks with ships sailing in and out of them.

Throughout the rest of the park there are many animals and figures created from Lego. Either along the rides, like the Safari and Canoe Log Ride, which both have all kinds of animals created out of lego. Or as decoration at each of the 7 park areas, like images from the Wild West in 'LEGOREDO' and a huge skull island in 'PIRATE LAND'.

There aren't many thrill rides in the park, although there are three roller coasters. The first is a kiddie coaster, which runs three rounds through along rocks and boulders. The second is a Wild Mouse coaster, which has been redesigned lego style as 'Lego Racers'. This is, by the way, probably the most thrilling ride.

However, the best of the three coasters is 'The Dragon' which starts as a scenic ride through the catacombs of a Medieval castle, in which several scenes of life in the middle ages has been depicted in Lego bricks. Then it speeds up for a short roller coaster run outside the castle. The coaster is particularly special for the fact that the propulsion comes from a magnetic track, rather than gravity which is normal with roller coasters. So in a unique twist this roller coaster actually contains some sections where going uphill goes faster than downhill!

However, the most original ride in the park is the 'Power Builder' a robotic arm which lifts up two people and can move in any possible direction. The twist here is that people going on the ride can program the exact movement of the arm for their ride. So whether you wish to have a very gentle merry go around, or a white knuckle upside down twister - anything is possible.

Another attraction worth mentioning is the 4D cinema, where 3D images are enhanced with light effects, wind, water and even snow.

Though the entrance of the park is rather expensive compared to parks in Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, especially when considering that you can see the entire park in under two hours, it is worth it though. These days there are Legoland parks in the UK and US as well, but this is the original one, in the country that invented the plastic bricks.
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Marjis Marjis
31 reviews
Legoland, Denmark Jul 10, 2008
Legoland (in Denmark) is made mostly for children, but there is many things to do for older people too.

Beside looking buildings, animals and other things made of legobricks, you can try many rides. You can go on sightseeing tour with car or trains and you can go sailing to pirate cave. For kids there is also swimming area.

Sea World is located into Legoland and you can go there with same ticket's price. You can also go see two different 3D movies.

If you get hungry you will easily find a place to eat. I ate there only french fries so I can't say much about the food, except that french fries were good. :)

For souveniers there is many stores with lots of amazing stuff (remember bring enough money to buy something).

Because Legoland is famous tourist place there is long line for everything (I standed on one line for half an hour).

Legoland is good place for everyone to visit. :)
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