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#1 of 11 hotels in Legian
Cikada says: "Great little place, not budget at around 70 p/night but you get a lot for your ..."
#2 of 11 hotels in Legian
radenayu says: "I looove staying at this hotel. They have a super friendly staff me and bf alwa..."
#3 of 11 hotels in Legian
winogen says: "Legian Beach Bungalows looks fancy from the outside, but the cheaper rooms are v..."
#4 of 11 hotels in Legian
ratu says: "I went to this Hotel because of our Balinesse Princess: Sari The Hotel os loc..."
#5 of 11 hotels in Legian
ccjbeachbum says: "1 the kumala is conveniently located just one block from the beach and also one..."
#6 of 11 hotels in Legian
bagusferriyanto says: "I recently stayed here for a weekend, just to treat myself. My checked-in was sm..."
#7 of 11 hotels in Legian
yuqingregina says: "If what you're looking for is a hotel that is close to the beach, nightlife, and..."
#8 of 11 hotels in Legian
edieffendi says: "A new hotel located in the heart of Legian, Bali. Previously named Oranje, cha..."
#9 of 11 hotels in Legian
Clareula says: "This hotel provided good value for money. It is a small hotel with about 20 room..."
#10 of 11 hotels in Legian
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