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Maidstone, England

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o_mendfornd o_mendfo…
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A rather expensive castle Feb 18, 2010
I was a bit shocked by the entrance charges for Leeds Castle: we paid 16 pounds for adults and 9 pounds for a four year old. Admittedly we couldn't make the most of our tickets because it was raining heavily, so we didn't explore the gardens. The ticket is an annual ticket (i.e. it's valid for one year), which to my mind is a way to justify the higher price without providing anything extra, since I would bet that almost no-one goes back for a second visit; we don't live in the Kent area, like many visitors to the castle.

The interior of the castle had a few nice furnished rooms to look at, and I did enjoy walking round and looking at the various displays, but I don't think that it was worth the entrance charge. The castle was much smaller than I had expected, which also disappointed me somewhat.
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jhoc jhoc
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Leeds Castle Aug 29, 2008
If you find yourself in Leeds DON'T ask about the castle, they'll laugh and send you to Kent which isn't close by. A train from London will be just over an hour to the local station and then you can get a shuttle van from the station to the castle. Shuttles start mid morning and run fairly late. A taxi is only a few quid otherwise if you don't want to wait for the pickups.

When I got my ticket, Oct 2007, the train company was running a special for ticket and entry at a discount, probably worth an inquiry. All in it was over £20 to get out there and enter the grounds, but I thought it was worth it.

Once you get there you walk across very nice lawns and walkways to get up to the castle itself which still has a full moat around it. The castle isn't huge nor is it decorated as the royal places, but I think this makes it more appealing. You won't find lavish paintings, weaponry and jewels. You will see a castle that is rustic and more true to its period. It was actively lived in only a couple of decades ago.

The grounds are beautiful and huge, so once you finish your castle tour you will want to have a walk around. They've got a load of flowers, lots of water with swans everywhere, a bird sanctuary, hedge maze and a vineyard. Strangely there is a dog collar museum, which is a nice tick in the box (maybe not, but how can you walk by it and not go in?).

Some people stay for a couple of hours, others the whole day. Bring a book and some lunch on a nice day and enjoy the scenery. You can buy food and drinks there at typical tourist prices. There was also a hot air balloon ride option which I bet is a great view of the castle and Kent, didn't opt for that though.
Leeds castle
S-Jay S-Jay
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Nov 11, 2007
Leeds Castle, found in Kent, NO not Leeds!

Confusing but hey these things happen.

Leeds Castle is a beautiful restored lived in castle on masses of land that holds a large bird sanctuary from budgies to parrots to flamingos. The ground holds a golf course, dog collor musem and lovely little shops aswell as lived in cottages of the grounds men/women who care fot the estate.

Throughout the year Leeds Castle holds many functions from mucis to craft to bomfire shows.

I went this bomfires weekend and an adult is priced at £15, the grounds open at 12 with food stalls, little shop stalls, archery, bird shows and medevil shows that include jousting etc.

It is great for a family day out or even a cuddley weekend with a partner due to the cold weather in Novembre!

Many people take packed lunches with a large supply of sandwiches as you can spend all day there.

The firework display is based on a story of a little dragon who grows up to produce flames all the colours of the world, a great story even for the grown ups!
The Castle from afar
Me at archery - i always get my ta…
The lake were the wee dragon sleep…
pooterbug pooterbug
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Lovely day out at Leeds Castle Jun 13, 2007
Last year, we visited Leeds Castle in Kent. It is a lovely, old castle and the tour was informative, albeit a wee bit short. It is always a shame that you cannot see more of the castles.

Not only do you have access to the castle itself, but also the grounds. The grounds are truly breathtaking and vast. Either getting lost in the maze garden, visiting the birds of prey area and seeing the performance, or just wandering through the gardens are all options. You can easily spend more than one day there.

One of the benefits of buying your ticket there, is that it is valid for a year. You can revisit all that you want within that time. If you miss something the first time, go back.

Leeds Castle is definetely worth a visit.
Inside one of the rooms of Leeds C…
Photo of Leeds Castle.
Photo of Maze garden at Leeds Cast…
cari cari
30 reviews
Oct 19, 2004
At £13.50for adults and £8.00 children, admission isn't so bad if you're English but a little steep if you're foreign. It's not Leeds's fault - everyone knows exchange rates are rough for Americans right now. If you can handle the roughly $25 admission price, then go see Leeds: "the loveliest castle in the world."Leeds kindly gives you the option of holding on to your unused ticket for up to a year after the purchase date, so if it's raining when you go (likely), then come back another day. Most of the attraction at Leeds Castle is outside, including their aviary of foriegn and domestic birds, the falcon shows, the tea gardens, and of course the famous hedge maze and its associated grotto.The maze and grotto were the best part of the castle for me. I'm not a castle kind of girl, so I could have done without the endless rooms of untouchable furniture and dark oil paintings. If you're into that, then great - but I've heard much better things about Dover Castle, and it's not very far away. No, the fun for me was the underground grotto, which you can only get to by completing the hedge maze (which is surprisingly difficult - there's also a children's maze if the real one is too tough). The grotto is decorated entirely with shells and it's a really nice place to sit for a while and think, especially if the weather outside is bad.If you want to see the countryside of Kent and the weather is nice, Leeds Castle can be a nice place to stop. Make sure to visit the ice cream stand by the falcon show if it's warm, but be prepared to spend a little. If it's raining or gloomy, you won't mind missing it. If there's one thing England is full of, it's castles. You'll stumble into another one before you know it.
Leeds Castle. Pretty self-explanat…

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