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Beirut #1 most popular location
The capital of Lebanon, situated on a small peninsula jutting out of the coastline into the Mediterranean Sea, Beirut is not only the country's largest city and main seaport, but also contain…
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Jounieh #2 most popular location
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Baalbek #3 most popular location
The town of Baalbek lies in the Bekaa valley in the north-east of Lebanon. The current modern town in itself is pretty ineventful, but the ancient Baalbek is arguably the most important of Ro…
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J`ita #4 most popular location
The Jeita Grotto (Arabic: مغارة جعيتا‎) is a compound of interconnected karstic limestone caves in Jeita, Lebanon located 18 kilometres (11 mi) north of Beirut in the Valley of Na…
Tripoli #5 most popular location
A characteristic Muslim city of Lebanon . The market the peoples and every place in this city gives you an Arabian note .Very nice market with many bargains in the center of the city !
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Byblos #6 most popular location
It is a Mediterranean city in the Mount Lebanon Governorate of present-day Lebanon under the current Arabic name of Jbeil (جبيل Ǧubayl) and was also referred to as Gibelet during the Cru…
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Bcharre #7 most popular location
The oldest cedars are in a beautiful valley. They are apart of the Al Shouf Cedar Natural Reserve. They are extremely impressive trees. It’s not a large forest but, is said to contain 375 i…
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Safra #8 most popular location
Saida #9 most popular location
Sidon,or Saïda, (Arabic صيدا Ṣaydā; Phoenician Ṣydwn, Greek Σιδών, Hebrew צידון Ṣīḏōn, Turkish: Sayda) is the third-largest city in Lebanon. It is located in the So…
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Jbail #10 most popular location
Tyre #11 most popular location
Tyre (Arabic: صور, Ṣūr; Phoenician , Ṣur; Hebrew: צוֹר‎, Tzor; Tiberian Hebrew צר, Ṣōr; Akkadian, Ṣurru; Greek Τύρος, Týros; Turkish: Sur) is a city in the South Go…
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Anjar #12 most popular location
Bdadun #13 most popular location
The Palace was built in the early 1800's and took 30 years to build. You arrive through the “public” section Dar al-Baraniyyeh of the complex. It was intended for the general populace to…
Zeita #14 most popular location
Nabatiye #15 most popular location
Masnaa #16 most popular location
Zuq Musbih #17 most popular location