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Leavenworth is Washington State's little Bavarian Village nestled in a valley of the cascade mountains. It is one of the largest tourist spots in all of Washington. Everything about the city is geared towards providing visitors with a the sense that they are in a real Bavarian village.

Leavenworth used to be the home of the Yakima, Chinook and Wenatchi Native American tribes. As settlers moved into the area, it became a hotspot for those looking to acquire gold, furs, and furtile farmland. With the introduction of the railroad, Leavenworth became a thriving area for lumber. However, when the railroad companies decided to reroute their trains, the Leavenworth economy began to die.

In a last ditch effort to save the city, they decided to change the look and feel of the city to attract tourism. The decision was a success, and now Leavenworth sees over 2 million visitors each year.

Aside from the decore of Leavenworth, you'll also find small Bavarian restaurants, activities (i.e. horse-drawn sled rides), events (i.e. October fest), Bavarian shops, The Nutcracker Museum, and more hiking options than your heart can imagine. This town is especially heart warming during the Christmas season.