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Don't Just Escape the Area, Escape it's Culture too Aug 01, 2010
As I have traveled, and grown older, I have become even more sponteneous with my travels. You see, I travel to learn, not to take a vacation. I have been traveling regularly since I was 16. That is more than 70 plus countries and hundreds if not thousands of cultures. After my undergraduate studies back in 1996, I made a decision to travel the world and do it in a way that takes me away from my home town, away from my culture and into the foreign territories with their cultures. To understand cultures that edure.

Living in the United States, I see how we have created a culture that takes away from the world's traditional cultures. When we travel, we seek the very comforts we leave at home. We do not leave our culture behind in order to explore what is unspoiled in other cultures. We complain if the rooms are small, we freak out when food that is meant to be half cooked is indeed half cooked. We expect everyone to understand what we are saying or mean to say. We expect people to have 'manners' but we are not willing to understand why their manners are different from ours. I have seen this happen in many countries.

When we travel with ease and open our minds to learning what endures, we become travelers who celebrate a culture of life. If you have ever traveled to India, you will agree with me that they have some of the most enduring cultures of the world. Did you know that the Jains Indians simply leave their homes to wonder the world when they grow old? They become Mendicants. I'm originally from Africa, our cultures are timeless. If you have been to Africa you will agree it is 'different', and I do not mean the negative part of it.

I have had friends ask me where I'm going next or where I would like to go. I have written a "Bucket List". But lately I have been getting the feeling that when I make the plans, they fall apart because the travel demons over hear me and step all over my plans (smile!).

I still dream of far away places, just like I did when I was 6 years old. So I get up and go with the mind to be surprised, to learn something new, to meet those people who I avoid in my daily life . . .

The true traveler goes to new destinations to experience culture, they leave their territory and leave the culture to open room for something different, unfamiliar and non judgemental. Set off in a good frame of mind and have fun while at it. Be the traveler, not the vacationist. Try not to judge everything that is negative as negative. There is a postive or an opportunity to be found in everything negative. Find it, share it and let's all learn from it.

Let me know if you are a Traveler, or a Vacationist and why you think so.
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Africancrab says:
I must admit I agree with all of you. Relaxing on the beach or time in a hotel room for no other reason otherthan relaxing is a welcome treat when you travel. I guess I tend to seek relaxation in things like talking to absolute stranger, participating in a cultural even that isn't hectic etc. I love beaches.
Posted on: Aug 06, 2010
Mark184 says:
Love the article! I know that I've travel for both reasons. I love meeting people and learning of their culture and experiences,and this is my passion for travel. Although I don't mind a relaxing couple days in the mountains or on the beach in a warm climate.
Posted on: Aug 06, 2010
andytite says:
I'd like to think I'm a Traveller - I like exploring how things are different to what I'm used to. Great feature!
Posted on: Aug 05, 2010
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