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Lanquin Overview

Lanquín, one of the tribes conquered by a group of friars, among them: Fray Pedro Angulo, Fray Luis de cancer and Mr. Rodrigo de la cerda, was based on the year of 1540. Between 1540 and 1550, its first catholic Church was built, the one that was founded with the name of San Agustin.

At that time, the Church that was a ranch of straw, was destroyed by the flames of a fire that consumed the half of the population, for which the construction of a new one with Spanish formalities was arranged, the one that was built from the year 1574. This new construction and by effects of an earthquake that shook the country around 1810, lost a considerable part of its structure, for which was restructured without that part. The current municipal market, is found on the debris and foundation of what was part of the Church.

By presidential agreement of May of the year 1956, Lanquín by its natural beauties and that constitute one of the greater tourist attractions of the country, was declared NATIONAL PARK. In 1970 Lanquín was declared NATIONAL MONUMENT (artistic, tourist. etc.) and in 1997 by presidential agreement was declared CULTURAL PATRIMONY.

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