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Langkawi Overview

A collection of just under one hundred islands -or just over one hundred, if you count the ones that reveal themselves at low tide – Langkawi is an increasingly popular Malaysian tourist spot close to the border with travelers Mecca Thailand, and a far cry from the more developed corners of the rustic meets modern state. Of all those islands, a mere two are inhabited.

Another one of those places you can take one glance at and label ‘paradise’ Langkawi is all beaches and sunshine, and has recently taken on a small selection of high end resorts, which you’ll find hovering over some of the clearest lagoons in beautiful, ‘hut balanced on pole’ form. Aside from under and over-water fun, the main draws of the island revolve around the impressive on-shore environs.

Stunning rice fields dominate the less tourist-centered heartland, while around the coast – in between white sand (and, at one point, patchy black and white sand) – you’ll find mangroves, gentle sloping jungles to explore and some pretty corners of the island that seem a mile away from the cleverly integrated resorts. Island-hopping is a popular pastime, with each stop off heralding a boat evacuation, bouts of snorkeling and the chance to head inland and explore the heart of islands that at times seem untouched by human hand.

On the main island, you can ride up the Cable Car to 700 meters above sea level (which seems a serious height when the sea is so nearby), and stare right across to Thailand, where you can even head on a day trip by speed boat. Don’t forget to take your turn holding the island’s eagle mascot, exploring the crocodile farm or watching how the local monkeys have learned to bash their way into the ample coconuts that drop from Langkawi’s palm trees. Paradise is far from an overstatement.

One of the main viewpoints (The Skybridge) is still closed, visitors heading there do take note. (as of 27 July 2013)

Langkawi is one of the island on the West Coast where you can visit all year round without having to worry about the monsoon season!

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