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Warm Smiles Oct 31, 2009
Now here on travbuddy we know about smiles!

One thing I found through my travels in Thailand is that it is easy to find people smiling. It is nice to see and you can't help but to smile back.

Part of my experiences was walking to Massage School, to the street market or the 7-11 (not that I had to walk to far) and I would notice many faces along my route. It warms my heart to see and exchange so many smiles (I am not accustomed to this in the USA).

You may come across a young girl that will extend a smile and a bow, how precious! I felt genuine warmth from most people and enjoy connecting with them.

On one occasion when I first arrived I got lost walking and running late for my second day of class. I was trying to figure out the map and a kind Thai man approached me but my first response (to myself) is "What does this guy want?" but I found him to be very helpful and easy to speak with. I soon realized that this is the way and I had to understand that my western perceptions and conditioning did not apply here (it helped me growing up on the streets).

I spent the majority of my time in the "Rose of the North", Chiang Mai. I absolutely loved it and intend to return for future visits. It has quickly become my favorite place to go.
hoangn says:
yep in london the general rule is avoid eye contact and do not smile even if ticked hee hee
Posted on: Apr 22, 2010
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