Lake Bled

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Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled Reviews

keeweeset keeweeset
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Great daytrip Aug 26, 2016
I've wanted to visit Bled for several years now and I finally got to do so in July of this year. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't so great when I first got there. But this had the advantage of there not being very many people. During the day the weather improved and more people appeared.

I did one of those boat rides to the island, which was nice but a little on the expensive side. The "Captain", gave us 40 minutes to visit the island, which was enough for me as its quite small. It's nice to see the lake and the Julian Alps from a different perspective. We stopped at the back of the island and not where the famous steps are. Boats leave from different spots all around the lake. This might influence the price and the area at which they dock ...

I walked all the way around the lake, which took several hours because I stopped for lunch, photos, a swim and to walk up the castle. So, you can either do the walk quickly or spent the whole day at the lake. Unfortunately, on one side of the lake you're walking past a road. That lessens the fun a bit but once you've reached the area where the campground is the road turns away from the lake and it gets quiet again. Near the campground there is also a floating wooden platform and I think this might be the best spot to use if you want to swim to the island. Otherwise, you can just sunbathe or go for a swim. There are also restrooms here and if I remember well it cost 50 cents to use them.
View from the island
View up the steps on the island
Boats at the island
Bled Castle seen from the island
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keeweeset says:
Thank you, guys! :)
Posted on: Aug 30, 2016
Suusj says:
Congrats on the feature :)
Posted on: Aug 29, 2016
EmEm says:
Congrats on being featured!
Posted on: Aug 29, 2016
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mikelisbon mikelisb…
3 reviews
Beautiful Bled Apr 12, 2016
Lake Bled is worth a visit for any kind of traveller. It has beautiful views from any side of the lake, with snow capped mountains in the back.

To go up to the castle perched on too of the huge rock, if you have a car drive up to the car park, otherwise you will have to climb about 300 steps, but once you arrive at the top you get your reward.

Also rent a boat and row to visit the small Island with its church and tower.

Another fun attraction is the bobsleigh downhill, with its viewpoint at the top.

To go around the lake I suggest you rent a bike, or if you like walking it´s a beautiful tour around one and a half hour.
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mikelisbon says:
Thanks a lot Jasmin! How is that cold, felling better? Looking forward to see you soon :)
Posted on: Apr 27, 2016
lilly_ella says:
Beautiful pictures, Miguel! :-)
Posted on: Apr 24, 2016
118 reviews
Amazing Bl(u)ed!!! Oct 22, 2012
From my first day in Ljubljana, cared to buy my tickets for Vienna via Maribor by train, and of course to arrange a daily trip to famous Lake Bled!

The travel distance is about 56km and the ticket(bus one way) costs about 7 euro if i remember well....

I bought my ticket from the bus terminal(near to railway station), 2 days before my trip to Bled.

The bus was full of tourists, and the route was beautifull. Slovenia is full of forests and the green is the dominant colour of the land!

When we approached to the lake the traffic was intense. Hundrends cars and decades buses create a long tail.

Lake is fantastic and i was very lucky because the weather was fine and the colours of sky, water, and from forests composing a rare mosaic....

I rent a bicycle and i "wrote" some kilometers around the lake....

Also there is a path and if follow it, you can walk (climb) until the highest point with a panoramic view of the lake!

It's little tired but worth it 101%.

I let my photos below show off the beauty of Lake Bled...:)
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WalterC WalterC
389 reviews
Worth the day trip Nov 25, 2011
A day trip to Lake Bled is well worth the time, and better to get to by bus, as it drops you a lot closer to the lake than the train does. About 2 hours from Ljubljana, Lake Bled has that setting that feels like a fairy tale.

One of the things to do, is to stroll around the lake, which is very nice. And a trip to the island, accessible by boat. And once there, you may have only 30 minutes to look around, which may be enough time to see everything.

On the island, there are the steps that tests grooms if they are fit for marriage, by carrying their brides up the steps to the top. Nearby is a gift shop and café, and a restroom. At the top of the steps, there is the Church of the Assumption, also worth it as well.

Looking nice inside, as you can see the altar and frescos inside the church. Plus a long rope hanging in the middle, for people to pull on, to ring the church bell. The local superstition goes like this: if you can ring the bell 3 times on 1 pull, your dreams can come true. But not easy to pull at all! How it turned out for me, well… you can read about that in the blog.

A visit to Bled is a must, assuming it’s not raining, and the visit to the island is well worth the time.
Bled Island
around Bled
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monkeymia79 says:
Lake Bled is stunning, thank you for sharing your experience there.
Posted on: Mar 27, 2016
Glynnes says:
Hi Walter, Lake Bled sounds simply lovely.
Thanks for sharing;-}
Posted on: Jun 04, 2012
Vipin Vipin
691 reviews
Stunning bit of blue Oct 15, 2011
For many people that are visiting Slovenia, Lake Bled has to be one of the tourist highlights and definitely a very worth day trip from Ljubljana. Buses take about an hour from Ljubljana and cost approximately 6 Euros each way. From the bus station, the lake is not far at all. Just follow the crowds or ask a local to steer you in the right direction.

It is a very beautiful lake indeed, and I very much enjoyed its calm waters. The greenery which framed the lake was very nice too. The island in the middle and the castle which can be seen in the not-too-distant landscape are other features, and make the best postcard pictures. It was just a very relaxing and nice walk. The area is a tad touristy though, and I’m glad I went in the relatively low season.

Once you’ve walked around the lake, or paid to travel the boat by lake (and maybe even visit the island), there’s not much to do. Still, a very nice day trip indeed!
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kazlauskas kazlausk…
1 reviews
Fairytale by the Lake Mar 10, 2011
If your in Slovenia for any amount of time, it is certainly worth making a trip to see the magical Lake Bled. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and dainty little tulips, the lake itself is quite large. The true attraction, for me anyway, was the mysterious castle overlooking the lake. It is truly magical, the type of scenic setting straight out of a 1600 fairytale - a castle that little girls dream about living in with their Prince Charming.
mmirag mmirag
1 reviews
Beautiful lake in Slovenia! Mar 18, 2011
Wow! I had seen pictures, but it is even better when you go and walk around the lake and hike up some of the small mountains around the lake. Gorgeous views and crystal clear water in the middle of the Julian Alps.
nanatea nanatea
2 reviews
Lake bled in Winter Feb 20, 2011
Freezing! maybe summer is better. Winter, none is there. White snow decorate lake and castle.

Wine shop has various nice price wine.

Average cost 10 Euro around and taste was quite good.

If you want to see the old European style castle I recommend you to go there!
christl3 christl3
171 reviews
fairytale lake Jun 30, 2010
The lake itself is like nothing i have ever seen before! It's honestly like something out of a fairytale. It's one of those places where man-made structures and natural beauty combine to form something utterly magical. The lake is 5km around and looks wondeful from every angle. The waters of the lake are blue and tempting, which i am fascinated by (no lakes in ireland are blue!). At the middle of the lake lies a little island with a chuch perched on top of it. Overlooking the lake is a castle which ads to the overall mystique of the place. Long, wooden boats make their way out the the centre regularly with chirpy tourists onboard and shockingly muscley men rowing (making it look so easy!). This place is a must see in Slovenia.
The island
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mslellen says:
Congrats on your feature!
Posted on: Jul 06, 2010
travelfan1963 says:
Congratulations on your feature--great photos!
Posted on: Jul 06, 2010
sarahsan says:
Congrats on your featured review Lorna! Thank you for sharing this magical place!
Posted on: Jul 06, 2010
Eric Eric
408 reviews
Fairytale like setting Jul 16, 2006
Lake Bled is definitely worth a day trip (or two) from Ljubljana. The bus ride is about an hour.

Like the other reviews and photos have mentioned, it's an amazing, almost epic setting. There is a tiny island with a picturesque church in the center of the lake, and an imposing castle perched upon the cliffs to the side.

If you are a confident swimmer, you can swim from the lakeside to the center of the lake. The water was still a bit chilly when we were there, but the sun was out which made it bearable. If you decide to swim, be aware that once you arrive you won't be able to enter the church since it requires proper attire to enter.

Another option is to rent a boat and row to the island. We just rented a boat from a house next to the lake for very cheap.

I'd recommend both swimming and boating around!
Water taxi
The island in the center of the la…
Church on the island
Church on the island

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