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Visiting Maximon in Santiago de Atitlan
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Jun 05, 2008 – Jun 11, 2008
Visiting Lake Atitlan with the starting point from Antigua approximately took us about three hours. The small city of Lake Atit…
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Motorcycle Ride in Antigua and Its Surroundings
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Jun 03, 2009 – Jun 29, 2009
Before leaving Antigua I happened upon a motorcycle tour shop owned by a guy from south of England (in Antigua for 9 years). He…
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Sep 12, 2009 – Oct 11, 2010
Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of San Pedro I headed to meet Micael in San Markos, the spiritual, hippie, yoga retreat on…
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This blog was featured on Friday February 26th, 2010
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Lake Atitlan
photo by: Clarafina