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This laguna is surrounded by mountains, as the laguna actually is within a crater of an inactive volcano. The water here is clear.

It is possible to go to the top of the mountains to a town called Caterina. From here you can view the whole laguna.

The laguna itself is very isolated, and not many people come here. This is great, because you will feel like you are in your own little paradise.

Take a taxi offered by the independent hotel, The Monkey Hut, for $1. See their website for information about pick up times and locations.You can also get a shared mini bus from Hotel Oasis in Granada same deal.

Better options for an independent traveller is by bus from Masaya, 3 buses a day, 1 is very early about 6am the other is at 10.30 am and another mid afternoon. There are more frequent busses to the crater rim and you will need to walk down the hill.You can apparently walk from Granada cemetery approx 2-3 hours.

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