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La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

La Rambla - street artists Barcelona Reviews

irenem irenem
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La Rambla Feb 28, 2017
La Rambla connects Plaça de Catalunya in the centre of Barcelona with the Christopher ColumbusMonument at Port Vell. This street is 1.2KM long. Traffic runs down both sides of La Rambla, but the central area is pedestrianised and filled with stalls. The street is home to many beautiful buildings.

The Spanish poet Federico García Lorca once said that La Rambla was "the only street in the world which I

wish would never end."

Mercat de la Boquerìa also known as Mercat de Sant Josep is a large, bustling and colourful market just off La Rambla. It sells a wide range of products including meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, chocolates. It also has several cafes and restaurants around its edges.

Address: Las Ramblas, 95

La Casa Bruno Cuadros is an extremely ornate building on La Rambla. It used to be an umbrella shop and is known by locals as the Casa dels Paraigües or House of Umbrellas. This building was refurbished in1883 by the architect Josep Vilaseca. Vilaseca combined modernisme with various architectural elements from other cultures such as Egypt, China and Japan.

The Casa Bruno Cuadros’s balconies and the top-floor have Egyptian imagery. The façade features elaborate reliefs of umbrellas and fans. There is an ornate Chinese dragon on the corner of the façade. This and the umbrella below it were used to advertise the shop. The building was refurbished in 1980 and is now home to a bank.
Bull Statue
Entrance to the market
The Market
Marilyn Monroe
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jeminigirl jeminigi…
115 reviews
Great Street Artists & Stalls - but beware!!! Jun 06, 2012
La Rambla is a paved, tree lined avenue leading from the Central Placa de Catalunya, sloping gently towards Monument a Colom and the harbour/sea area.

La Rambla is never quiet, whether you take a stroll during the day or on an evening. Street artists line the walkway together with numerous vendors selling their wares - the usual touristy merchandise is abundant, and flower/ice cream/waffle stalls are a plenty too. However, one stall that disturbed me was one selling animals on an evening. Half a dozen baby bunnies crowded together in a small cage, another had around fifteen baby ducklings cramped together, numerous other animals were also available to buy - needless to say we walked straight past.

Walking down La Rambla on a daytime was fine, on an evening it is a different story. You really need to keep your wits about you as we had been warned by a local resident on our flight out that the city has a huge problem with pick pocketing.

There are numerous traders selling the token fake handbags, sunglasses etc (illegal I assume given the way that these items were displayed on a sheet with ropes attached to four corners, a quick tug on the rope and everything is encased within the sheet so the trader can make a quick exit.) Numerous men performing the nut/coin trick - guess which lid it's under - given the number of people grouped around being taken in by this show it would be easy for someone to just pick a pocket or two and go unnoticed. There was also numerous guys approaching you to buy annoying whistle things for kids - sometimes they were quite intimidating confronting you face to face.

Ladies should always keep at least one hand on their handbag at all times. We were advised that another scam was pickpockets were known to cut the straps of handbags with scissors and make a grab for the bag - so be aware at all times.

I would also advise against eating on the main avenue, we arrived quite late on our first day and just basically wanted something quick to eat. We took a seat at a cafe/restaurant that was advertising a typical paella/pizza dish and drink for 11 euros - however, when our bill came we were gobsmacked to see that the price had risen to 54 euros. The medium beers that we had ordered were a pricey 9 euros each, 6 euros for two slices of tomato bread and the paella and pizza were 15 euros each. Lots of lovely restaurants can be found down the side streets off the main paved area - as we found out later on during our stay.

All in all it's a pleasant stroll down towards the harbour area whilst admiring the lovely buildings as you go - and the street artists are amazing.

Just be vigilant as I am sure it's a pickpockets dream area!!!
La Rambla - pavement view
The pricey beer - 9 euros!!!
the 15 euro paella
The 15 euro pizza
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spocklogic says:
La Rambla is a nice place for a stroll, but is kind of a rip-off tourist place on the main Avenue. Exploring the side streets off La Rambla is a good piece of advice.
Posted on: Jun 25, 2012
jeminigirl says:
Thanks Paul, it's a great place you just need to keep an eye on your belongings and not take too much out on a night.
Posted on: Jun 13, 2012
austin37335 says:
I have a number of friends that have been the victims of the pickpockets here exactly as you've described. Your advice about keeping your wits about you is spot on.
Posted on: Jun 13, 2012
dev40 dev40
2 reviews
La Rambla - Walkway Mar 10, 2011
La Rambla is one of main attraction in Barcilona (Spain). It woudl be good to have a street walk ( would takes 2 hours. There are nice shops across street and the prices are cheap as compare to malls. If you are good barginer then you can do shopping..

Across street are good resturnats to have dinner. This place is must see especially during evening..
kristinasub kristina…
19 reviews
La Rambla - street artists Jul 20, 2008
Les Rambles - the most famous avenue in Barcelona - the long shady street lined with plane trees. This is heart of Barcelona, of the old city, and connect 2 Barcelona's vital points:Placa de Catalunya and Placa Portal de la Pau with the monument to Christopher Columbus. Because we were in Calle Hospital by Rambla, every day began with walk down Rambla :o) and it's so nice when you wake up, get out and just after 100 meters you are in the street full of life,colorful with all street artists dressed that each of them tells his story, with painters who would make your portrait or caricature in moment, or you can enjoy siting in some cafe outside with your glass of sangria and watch the people walking along the street from Placa de Catalunya,over Rambla to the Port Vell ... Rambla is alive during the whole day with "flowing river of people", with whispering or laugh all around - it's so easy be part of this and enjoy in sunny day :o)
lady and gentlmen
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Liselore_Verschuren Liselore…
252 reviews
Beautiful old buildings and street artists Mar 26, 2008
La Rambla is a broad and busy boulevard for pedestrians only. It starts at Plaça de Catalunya and leads to the old harbour, making this boulevard about a kilometer long.

The entire boulevard is lined with beautiful old buildings, the umbrella shop is a definite highlight. Next to that, the entire lane is stuffed with cosy terraces, newspaper stands, numerous stalls that sell all kinds of pets and a lot of flower stands.

But the biggest attention attraction at La Rambla are all the street artists that represent living statues. They all have fabulous costumes and it is truly entertaining to pass all those original characters.

La Rambla ends at the monument of Columbus, a 60 meters tall monument for Christopher Columbus. It is located at the small harbour, the place where Columbus returned to Spain after his first voyage to the Americas.

At the top of the monument is a statue of Columbus himself. Many think the statue is pointing its right hand to the New World, but in fact it points to Genoa, the place where Columbus was born.
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daniellelooije says:
Very nice review!
Posted on: Aug 23, 2011
travpro11 says:
definitely worth a visit!
Posted on: Sep 03, 2010
Chokk says:
Just watch out for all the pick-pockets - I have even seen old women doing it there while people watch the artists!
Posted on: Aug 12, 2010

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